Why Doesn’t Five Below Sell Underwear?

With it’s diverse selection of merchandise, one may wonder why this beloved retailer's shelves aren’t adorned with one essential item – underwear. Although Five Below strives to provide a wide assortment of products that captivate their target audience, the absence of underwear on their shelves sparks curiosity. Could it be due to logistical challenges, market demand fluctuations, or a deliberate strategic decision? Exploring the reasons behind this omission is crucial to understanding the unique nature of Five Below and the fascinating dynamics that shape it’s product offerings.

Why Does $5 Below Have $10 Items?

In recent years, Five Below has gained recognition as a go-to store for budget-friendly shopping. However, customers may have noticed a shift in pricing, with certain items now exceeding the traditional $5 price point. Five Below has provided an explanation for this change, stating that it’s crucial for their stores to continue stocking and selling these particular products. This shift has been introduced under the names “Ten Below Tech” and “Ten Below Gift Shop”, encompassing a diverse range of merchandise, toys, games, and tech items.

The evolving market dynamics and increasing costs of production have led to this price adjustment by Five Below. In order to meet customer demands and continue offering a wide variety of items, the company has found it necessary to increase the price range for certain products. This strategic move ensures that the shelves remain stocked with the latest gadgets, trendy toys, and innovative tech accessories that shoppers have come to expect from Five Below.

By expanding their product range while retaining affordable options, Five Below aims to cater to a broader customer base. This decision reflects the companys commitment to adapt in an ever-changing retail landscape, while still adhering to their core principle of providing budget-friendly options. Five Below recognizes that customers have diverse needs and preferences, and they strive to meet those demands by offering a broader selection of merchandise at varying price points.

Although the introduction of items priced above $5 may initially surprise some shoppers, it’s worth noting that this change is crucial for maintaining the sustainability of the stores inventory. By slightly increasing the price of select items, Five Below ensures that customers can continue to find high-quality products at affordable prices. It’s a balancing act between cost management, customer satisfaction, and variety – factors that the company carefully considers to ensure the longevity and success of their business.

By implementing innovative strategies and streamlining it’s supply chain, Five Below manages to keep it’s prices astonishingly low. The company adopts a cost-cutting approach, eliminating unnecessary expenses and reducing packaging wherever possible. Even the weight of products is minimized, as evidenced by deflated basketballs, enabling more affordable shipment. These measures enable Five Below to sell items like a Bluetooth speaker for less than $5 while still maintaining quality and value for it’s customers.

Why Are Things at 5 Below So Cheap?

One of the main reasons things at Five Below are so cheap is because the company strategically strips all unnecessary costs out of the supply chain. They aim to sell products as close to the source price as possible, meaning they minimize the expenses incurred during manufacturing, distribution, and retailing. By eliminating middlemen, reducing packaging, and streamlining operations, Five Below can offer customers incredibly low prices.

To achieve their low-price strategy, Five Below goes to great lengths to cut down on transportation costs. For example, they even deflate basketballs before shipping them, reducing both weight and packaging. By taking such measures, the company can optimize logistics and minimize expenses associated with transportation, making it possible for them to offer products at extremely affordable prices.

Additionally, Five Below focuses on directly sourcing products from manufacturers and producing in bulk. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, they can negotiate better deals and avoid any additional costs that come with involving multiple parties. This allows the company to offer a wide range of products at significantly lower prices compared to traditional retailers.

Another tactic that Five Below employs is keeping their store layouts simple and cost-effective. The stores are designed for efficient product displays and quick restocking, enabling the company to maximize sales with minimal overhead costs. By prioritizing simplicity and efficiency, Five Below can pass on the savings to customers, offering them a diverse selection of products at unbelievably low prices.

Five Belows ability to offer extremely low prices on products like Bluetooth speakers can be attributed to their cost-cutting measures throughout the supply chain. By minimizing transportation costs, directly sourcing products, simplifying store layouts, and leveraging bulk purchasing power, Five Below ensures that customers can access affordable options without compromising on quality.

Comparison of Five Below’s Pricing Model to Other Discount Retailers

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree

Source: 7 Reasons Five Below Sets the Gold Standard for Retail

Five Below offers a wide variety of merchandise for it’s customers. From sports and games to fashion accessories and bath and body products, the store caters to various preferences. Customers can also find candy and beverages, room décor and storage solutions, stationery and school supplies, books, smartphone accessories, novelty and gag items, as well as seasonal products. With this diverse range of offerings, Five Below aims to provide something for everyone at an affordable price point.

What Kind of Merchandise Is Sold at Five Below?

Five Below is a popular retail store that offers a wide range of merchandise at affordable prices. From sports equipment to fashion accessories, bath and body products to candy and beverages, the store caters to a diverse range of interests and needs. Customers can find everything from room décor and storage solutions to stationery and school supplies. Whether youre looking for books to read, smartphone accessories to enhance your device, or novelty and gag items to bring a smile to your face, Five Below has it all.

In addition to it’s regular product offerings, Five Below also features seasonal items. As the seasons change, customers can find an assortment of themed merchandise, such as Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, or summer pool accessories. This keeps the shopping experience fresh and exciting throughout the year.

The stores sports section is particularly popular, with a variety of equipment and gear available for different athletic pursuits. Whether youre into basketball, soccer, or swimming, Five Below has you covered. They also offer a range of games, both indoor and outdoor, to keep you entertained and active.

When it comes to fashion accessories, Five Below has a selection of trendy and affordable options. From jewelry and hair accessories to bags and sunglasses, you can find the finishing touches to complete any outfit. The store also stocks a variety of bath and body products, including lotions, bath bombs, and fragrances, allowing you to pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

Overall, Five Below offers a fun and affordable shopping experience. With it’s diverse range of merchandise, budget-friendly prices, and ever-changing inventory, it’s a go-to destination for customers looking for a great deal on a wide variety of items.

Electronics: Highlight the Electronic Accessories and Gadgets Available at Five Below, Including Smartphone Cases, Headphones, and Charging Cables.

Five Below offers a wide range of electronic accessories and gadgets that enhance your digital experience. You can find an assortment of smartphone cases, headphones, and charging cables at affordable prices. These accessories are designed to protect your phone, provide optimal audio quality, and keep your devices charged on the go. Explore the vibrant and stylish collection at Five Below to meet your electronic needs without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, Five Below's decision to not sell underwear is likely a strategic choice based on various factors. While there may be several potential reasons why they’ve chosen not to offer this particular product, it’s essential to consider factors such as target demographics, brand positioning, and operational efficiencies. Nonetheless, the absence of underwear from their inventory doesn’t undermine the store's appeal or undermine their commitment to offering a wide range of affordable, trendy, and diverse items to their customers. Instead, it showcases the uniqueness and distinctive approach that Five Below takes in fulfilling the demands of it’s target market, reinforcing their commitment to providing a fun and inclusive shopping experience.