Who Is the Underwear Model in Fantastic Four?

The Invisible Woman, also known as Susan "Sue" Storm-Richards, is a prominent character in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. As a central member of the superhero team, The Fantastic Four, she was brought to life by the creative genius of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in November 1961, making her debut appearance in The Fantastic Four #1. With her ability to manipulate light and render herself invisible, Sue Storm-Richards has captivated readers for decades with her unique powers and unwavering courage. Her iconic role as an underwear model strengthens her character as a symbol of beauty and strength, showcasing the empowerment that can be found within the realm of superheroes.

Who Is Ben Grimm’s Wife in Fantastic Four?

In the vast realm of Marvel Comics, the character Ben Grimm, widely known as the Thing, has traversed the pages as a stalwart member of the Fantastic Four. As the embodiment of strength and durability, his resolute nature has often captured readers hearts. However, when it comes to his personal life, one often wonders about his romantic affiliations. So, who’s Ben Grimms wife in the Fantastic Four series?

In the intriguing 2007 miniseries entitled Fantastic Four: The End, which offers a glimpse into a potential future of the Fantastic Four, readers are introduced to a captivating portrayal. Within these pages, Ben Grimms heart finds solace in the loving arms of Alicia Masters, a talented sculptor. Their union binds them together in matrimony, a testament to their unwavering devotion to one another.

This alternate reality depicts Alicia and Ben as a happily married couple, residing on the fascinating planet of Mars. Their idyllic existence is enriched by the presence of their three children, who bring joy and purpose to their lives. Alicia employs her remarkable talents to aid in the terraforming efforts on Mars, her sculptures becoming a vital tool in shaping the planet itself.

Through the profound bond between Ben and Alicia, readers witness the transformative power of love and connection. The depth of their relationship transcends the adversities faced by the Fantastic Four, demonstrating the strength and resilience that can be nurtured even in the face of perilous trials.

Sharon Ventura, commonly known as She-Thing, is a prominent fictional character in Marvel Comics. Along with assuming the alter ego of Ms. Marvel, she’s played integral roles within the Fantastic Four and the formidable group of female wrestlers called the Grapplers.

Who Is the Thing a Woman in Fantastic Four?

Sharon Ventura, also known as She-Thing, is a compelling fictional character within the Marvel Comics universe. Her notable appearances have been featured in various American comic books. Throughout her storylines, Sharon has taken on different personas, including Ms. Marvel. She’s also played crucial roles as a member of the Fantastic Four and as part of a group of female wrestlers known as the Grapplers.

Sharons journey begins with her introduction as a highly skilled professional wrestler. As a member of the Grapplers, she showcased her talent and strength, earning her recognition among fans and fellow competitors. However, her life took a momentous turn when she faced off against the Thing, one of the members of the Fantastic Four. During this encounter, she was subjected to an experimental process that led to her transformation into the She-Thing.

After her transformation, Sharon ventured into new horizons as she became part of the Fantastic Four. As a vital member of the team, she displayed her immense power and resilience, contributing to the groups efforts in defending the world against various threats. Her unique abilities, combined with her unwavering determination, solidified her position as a force to be reckoned with among her teammates and adversaries alike.

Throughout her appearances, Sharons character development explored the challenges she faced as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Her journey showed the complexities of balancing personal relationships, self-identity, and her role as a superhero. Sharons resilience and adaptability became evident as she navigated through the different aspects of her life, displaying her strength both physically and emotionally.

From her origins as a professional wrestler to her transformation into a superhero and member of the Fantastic Four, her journey captures the essence of strength, resilience, and determination. Her story serves as a testament to the continued evolution and representation of diverse and compelling female characters within the comic book world.

The Legacy of Sharon Ventura as a Strong and Resilient Female Character in the Fantastic Four Comics

  • Sharon Ventura’s introduction in the Fantastic Four comics
  • Her transformation into the She-Thing
  • Role in empowering and representing strong female characters
  • Her resilience and determination in the face of adversity
  • Depiction as an equal member of the Fantastic Four
  • Exploration of Sharon’s personal struggles and growth
  • Impact on future female characters in comics


As both a member of the Fantastic Four and a strong individual character, Sue Storm-Richards brings a unique set of powers and qualities to the team, making her an integral part of the iconic superhero group. With her ability to render herself and others invisible, as well as create powerful force fields, she proves to be a formidable force against evil. As an underwear model, however, Sue Storm-Richards hasn’t been explicitly portrayed or acknowledged in the comics, primarily focusing on her superhero persona. Nevertheless, her charisma and presence make her an influential and beloved character in comic book circles, showcasing the enduring legacy of the Fantastic Four and their impact on popular culture.