Who Is Bra in Dragon Ball Z?

Bra, also known as Bulla in some versions, is a popular and significant character in the renowned anime series Dragon Ball Z. She’s the daughter of Vegeta, one of the show's central protagonists, and Bulma, a brilliant scientist and inventor. As the youngest member of the Briefs family, Bra possesses a unique blend of Saiyan blood and Earthling intelligence. Throughout the series, she showcases her strong-willed and independent nature, often accompanying her parents and older brother Trunks on their daring adventures. Bra's character development is particularly notable as she grows from a precocious child into a confident and powerful young woman, inheriting the Saiyan warrior spirit from her father while embracing her mother's genius intellect. With her strong presence and unique background, Bra undoubtedly leaves an enduring mark in the Dragon Ball Z universe, captivating audiences with her charm, resilience, and unmatched potential.

Does Bra Have Saiyan Powers?

Bra, the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, showcases powerful Saiyan traits even though she can’t transform into a Super Saiyan like her father and brother Trunks. Although she hasn’t devoted much time to training, Vegeta hinted that Bra has the potential to achieve this legendary transformation if she were to put in the effort. As a half-Saiyan, Bra possesses remarkable strength and is capable of inflicting considerable damage, as demonstrated when she effortlessly kicked the mighty Nappa, a formidable opponent.

Apart from her impressive physical prowess, Bra also exhibits other unique Saiyan abilities. She possesses an exceptional capacity for combat, inherited from her Saiyan lineage, enabling her to engage in intense battles. Her martial arts skills are honed thanks to both her natural talent and the fighting spirit she’s inherited from her father and relatives.

The Significance of Bra’s Potential to Transform Into a Super Saiyan and What It Means for Her Character Development.

Bra’s ability to reach Super Saiyan form holds great importance in terms of her character growth. This transformation showcases her determination and inner strength, demonstrating how she can tap into her latent powers to protect herself and others. By achieving this powerful state, Bra not only undergoes physical changes but also experiences a deep emotional and mental growth, developing her resilience and courage. This transformation is an integral part of Bra’s journey towards becoming a formidable warrior, helping her overcome obstacles and evolve into a more complex and inspiring character.

Bra, also known as Bulla, is a character from the Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) series. She’s the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, making her half Saiyan and half Human. In DBM, Bra’s date of birth is June 20, Age 778, making her 16 years old. Her family includes Queen Hanasia (ancestor), King Vegeta (paternal grandfather), and Dr. Brief and Mrs. Brief (maternal grandparents), among others.

How Old Is Bra in DBM?

Bra, also known as Bulla in some adaptations, is a character from the Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) series. She made her first appearance on page 19 of the manga. Bra is a 1/2 Human-1/2 Saiyan hybrid, born on June 20, Age 778, making her 16 years old at the time of her debut in DBM.

Family holds great importance in Bras life, and she comes from a lineage of powerful and influential figures. Her ancestor is Queen Hanasia, her paternal grandfather is King Vegeta, and her maternal grandparents are Dr. Brief and Mrs. Brief. Bras father is Vegeta, the Saiyan prince, and her mother is Bulma, a brilliant and resourceful scientist. She also has an older brother named Trunks.

Bras heritage as a Saiyan-Human hybrid grants her a unique set of abilities. Like her father and brother, she possesses incredible strength and durability, as well as the potential to transform into more powerful states. However, at the time of her debut in DBM, it’s unclear to what extent Bra has explored and unlocked her Saiyan powers.

Bras character portrays a blend of her mothers intelligence and her fathers combat prowess. She’s depicted as a confident and feisty young woman, often accompanying her family and allies on various adventures. With her lineage and potential, Bra represents a promising addition to the already impressive roster of fighters in the DBM universe.

Whether in terms of her combat skills, strategic thinking, or emotional growth, Bras journey promises to be an engaging aspect of the DBM storyline.

Source: Bra is a teenager in GT. Toei Animation just got her age …

Now let’s address the age of one of Dragon Ball’s beloved characters, Bra. In some sources, such as Daizenshuu, Bra is stated to be either 4 or 6 years old by the end of Dragon Ball Z. However, various discrepancies arise when it comes to her age in different versions of the series. While the dub suggests that Bra is 16, the original version depicts her as either 9 or 11, eventually settling on 10 or 12.

How Old Is Bra at the End of Z?

Bras age at the end of Dragon Ball Z is a topic that’s sparked debates among fans and caused a fair amount of confusion due to inconsistencies in various sources. In the original Japanese version, Bra is depicted as being either 10 or 12 years old during the final events of the series. This aligns with the timeline and progression of the storyline. However, some discrepancies arise when considering different adaptations and localized versions of the show.

The English dub of Dragon Ball Z has been known to alter certain details, including character ages, in order to fit the cultural context and target demographic. This age discrepancy has caused fans to question the accuracy and consistency within the storytelling.

Fans are left to interpret and make their own conclusions based on the available information. Despite this confusion, Bra remains a beloved character among Dragon Ball fans, regardless of her exact age.

How Does Bra’s Age in Dragon Ball Super Compare to Her Age at the End of Z?

In Dragon Ball Super, Bra’s age is explicitly depicted as 3 years old, while at the end of Dragon Ball Z, her exact age isn’t defined. This age difference is distinct in the two series.


In conclusion, Videl, also known as "Bra" in Dragon Ball Z, represents a dynamic and empowering character within the series. As the daughter of the iconic couple, Goku and Vegeta, she showcases exceptional martial arts skills and demonstrates a strong-willed and determined personality. Bra's development and growth throughout the series exemplify the multifaceted nature of female characters in Dragon Ball Z, breaking traditional gender stereotypes and proving that women can be just as powerful and influential as their male counterparts. Her presence adds depth and diversity to the narrative, exemplifying the core values of strength, perseverance, and a commitment to protecting loved ones.