Where Are the Underwear Located in the South Park Game – A Guide

In the immersive and daring world of the South Park game, a quest of peculiar proportions unravels as you awaken to an unexpected presence in your room – a mischievous, yet oddly endearing gnome. No ordinary gnome, this pint-sized creature presents you with the Phase 1 quest, setting you on a comical and slightly absurd journey. To successfully complete this challenge, you must embark on a search mission throughout the densely populated town houses of South Park, scouring the familiar abodes of iconic characters. Your objective? Gather five precious underpants dispersed throughout this quirky town, with Cartman's, Stan's, Kevin's, and Kyle's humble dwellings serving as key destinations on your quest. As you delve deeper into this unconventional adventure, you'll find yourself entangled in a tapestry of hilarity and absurdity, all while unraveling the mystery that lurks amidst the undergarments in South Park.

Where Are All the Underpants in South Park?

Org/wiki/Stan_Marsh. Marshs bedroom. Butters Stotchs bedroom. Tweek Tweaks bedroom. However, the underpants aren’t limited to just these locations. They can also be found scattered throughout the town of South Park, hidden in bushes, lost in the school playground, or even floating in the sewer system. The mysterious disappearance of underpants has become a recurring theme in the South Park universe, often leading to comical and absurd storylines. Whether it’s gnomes stealing underpants to turn a profit or government conspiracies involving mind control, the underpants in South Park are always a source of intrigue and hilarity. So, if you ever find yourself in South Park, keep an eye out for missing underpants, as you never know where they may turn up next!

In the “Gnomes” episode of South Park, the mischievous Underpants Gnomes take center stage. This seventeenth episode of Season Two delves into the peculiar world of these nocturnal creatures and their curious obsession with collecting underwear. Originally broadcasted on December 16, 1998, this episode showcases the unique humor and satire that South Park is renowned for.

What Episode of South Park Has Underpants Gnomes?

“South Park” is a long-running animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone that’s known for it’s satirical and often controversial content. One of the shows episodes, titled “Gnomes,” features the memorable Underpants Gnomes. This episode serves as the seventeenth installment of Season Two and was first broadcasted on December 16, 1998.

In “Gnomes,” the South Park boys become curious about a phenomenon occurring in their town. They notice that their underwear keeps going missing and suspect that an unknown assailant is involved. Their investigation leads them to discover a group of small creatures known as Underpants Gnomes who’re responsible for the thefts.

Their inability to explain their business plan serves as a humorous critique of real-world enterprises that often rely on questionable strategies or vague objectives.

As the episode progresses, the boys attempt to assist the Underpants Gnomes in formulating a coherent plan, ultimately addressing the issue of profitability. This satirical critique on the world of business allows “Gnomes” to provide a clever commentary on entrepreneurial ventures and their tendency to prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability.

Through it’s absurdist approach, the episode cleverly satirizes the world of business, highlighting the lack of vision and clarity often associated with corporate endeavors. Whether youre a fan of South Park or just looking for a good laugh, “Gnomes” is definitely an episode worth watching.

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As you continue your journey through the Stick of Truth, one of the important items you’ll need to acquire is underwear. Luckily, in your quest for the undergarments, you’ll discover that Stan’s House is conveniently located right next to Kyle’s. And if you search carefully, you’ll find the coveted underwear in a drawer located in Stan’s Parents’ room. Now, let’s delve deeper into the world of the game and explore more exciting destinations.

Where to Find Underwear in Stick of Truth?

In the popular video game Stick of Truth, players may find themselves on a quest to locate a particular item, such as underwear. Stans House, conveniently situated right next to Kyles, serves as a promising starting point for those on the hunt. Exploring the house, players should carefully examine the various nooks and crannies, including Stans Parents room, where a drawer holds the sought-after undergarments.

Seeking Stans House will lead gamers closer to their objective. As they navigate through the games immersive world, Stans residence emerges as a pivotal location for any adventure. Upon entering, players should diligently search in order to uncover hidden treasures within, including the elusive underwear. Patience and thoroughness are key to success in this quest, as meticulously examining each room will increase the chances of finding the cherished item.

To the delight of players, Stans Parents room presents itself as a viable place where the underwear may reside. With careful exploration and an eye for detail, the drawers located within this room may contain the sought-after undergarments. As gamers meticulously search through the drawers, inch by inch, their efforts may eventually be rewarded with the discovery of the desired item. This discovery would undoubtedly elevate their status within the game and contribute to their overall success.

The inclusion of such hidden items within Stans House mirrors the games attention to detail and commitment to providing an immersive experience. By fully exploring the house and thoroughly assessing each potential hiding spot, gamers increase their chances of uncovering the elusive undergarments. This engaging aspect of Stick of Truth captivates players, urging them to embrace the adventure and unlock the games hidden mysteries.

Tips for Finding Hidden Items in Stick of Truth

Stick of Truth is a popular video game known for it’s challenging hidden items. To enhance your gaming experience, here are some tips for finding hidden items detectors. First, explore every nook and cranny of the game’s world, including hidden pathways, secret rooms, and hard-to-reach locations. Pay close attention to your surroundings and investigate any suspicious-looking objects or interactable elements. Additionally, keep an eye out for hidden switches, buttons, or mechanisms that can unlock new areas or reveal hidden treasures. Don’t forget to talk to the game’s non-playable characters, as they might provide valuable clues or hints about hidden items. Lastly, use your character’s abilities and special powers wisely, as they can sometimes unveil secret passages or hidden items.


The quest to locate scattered underpants in the South Park game is initiated by a gnome character who appears in your room after waking up. As you embark on the Phase 1 quest, you’re tasked with finding five underpants throughout the town's various houses. These underpants are distributed across different locations, with one at Cartman's, two at Stan's, one at Kevin's, and another at Kyle's. Exploring these diverse environments and carefully searching for the hidden underpants adds an engaging and amusing element to the gameplay, allowing players to delve deeper into the surreal world of South Park.