What Top to Wear With Jean Leggings | a Fashion Guide

When it comes to styling jean leggings, also known as jeggings, finding the perfect top to complete your outfit can be a challenge. While tight or fitted tops may seem like the obvious choice to match the snug fit of your jeggings, it often results in a jarring combination. To achieve a polished and balanced look, opting for a flowy top that skims the body is the key. This choice not only adds a touch of ease and sophistication to your ensemble but also helps create a harmonious silhouette.

What Do You Wear With Checked Jeggings?

When it comes to styling checked jeggings, there are a few options that can create a fashionable and trendy look. One popular choice is pairing them with a long top that falls below the hips. This combination not only adds a touch of sophistication but also helps to create a balanced silhouette. A long top can help to elongate the legs and create a streamlined look. Whether it’s a flowy blouse or a button-down shirt, this combination is perfect for a casual yet chic look.

Tunic blouses are also a great option to consider when styling jeggings. These loose and flowy tops can provide a boho-inspired look while adding a touch of femininity to the outfit. Tunic blouses often come in various prints and patterns, allowing you to create a unique and personalized style. This combination is perfect for a laid-back weekend look, as it offers both comfort and style.

If youre looking to create a cozy and relaxed vibe, slouchy sweaters are the way to go. Whether it’s a chunky knit or an oversized sweater, these pieces add a touch of warmth and comfort to the jeggings. Perfect for colder days, this combination creates a chic and effortless look. Pairing jeggings with a slouchy sweater allows for an easy and stylish outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

To add depth and texture to your outfit, consider layering different pieces with your jeggings. This can include adding a cardigan, blazer, or scarf to create a more polished and put-together look. By layering, you can experiment with different fabrics, colors, and silhouettes to create a unique and stylish outfit that suits your personal style. Layering pieces not only add visual interest but also provide added warmth during colder seasons.

Pairing them with a long top, tunic blouse, or slouchy sweater can create a chic and effortless look. Experiment with different combinations and have fun with your fashion choices to create a look that truly reflects your personality.

How to Wear Leggings Over 40?

Instead, opt for looser tops or tunics that provide more coverage and balance out the snugness of the leggings. This won’t only create a more sophisticated look but also prevent any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

When it comes to choosing the right length for your leggings, consider going for a longer option that reaches past your knees or even full-length. This will help elongate your silhouette and create a more polished appearance. Additionally, choosing leggings in darker colors like black or navy can further enhance this elongating effect.

In terms of fabric, opt for leggings made of high-quality materials that provide enough stretch and support while offering a comfortable feel. Look for thicker fabrics that give a more flattering fit and avoid sheer or thin materials that can make you feel exposed.

Another key aspect to consider when wearing leggings over 40 is the choice of shoes. Instead of sneakers or athletic shoes, go for more sophisticated footwear such as ankle boots, flats, or even heels as they can elevate your overall outfit and make it more age-appropriate. Choose footwear that complements your leggings and creates a cohesive look.

Lastly, accessorizing can add a touch of personal style and elevate your leggings ensemble. Layering with a stylish cardigan, jacket, or vest can add dimension to your look and create a more put-together appearance. Additionally, accessorize with statement jewelry, a stylish belt, or a fashionable handbag to further enhance your outfit. Taking these tips into consideration will ensure that you confidently rock your leggings in a chic and age-appropriate way.

Additionally, you can explore more vibrant options such as pairing your blue pants with a bold patterned shirt, or opting for a contrasting color like red or green to make a statement at parties.

What Color Shirt Goes With Blue Pants?

Alternatively, you can opt for a more bold and eye-catching look by pairing your blue pants with a vibrant colored shirt such as red or yellow. This will instantly add a pop of color to your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, you can choose to wear a shirt in a neutral color such as beige or gray. This will create a more understated and elegant look, perfect for formal occasions or business meetings.

When it comes to styling blue pants for parties, you’ve endless possibilities. To create a casual yet stylish look, you can pair your blue pants with a light-blue shirt. This monochromatic combination will give off a relaxed and laid-back vibe, perfect for a daytime event or a summer party. For a more feminine touch, you can opt for a pink shirt. This will add a touch of femininity and charm to your outfit, making it ideal for a garden party or a romantic evening event.

If youre feeling more adventurous, you can experiment with different textures and fabrics for your shirt. Satin shirts, for example, can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your outfit. They’ve a beautiful sheen and drape, making them a great choice for a dressier occasion or a night out. Another option is to pair your blue pants with a checked shirt. The pattern adds visual interest and can be a nice alternative to a plain shirt. Just make sure the colors in the check pattern complement the blue pants for a cohesive look.

These classic neutrals will always complement dark blue jeans effortlessly. If you’re in the mood for something more vibrant and eye-catching, feel free to experiment with bold hues like red, yellow, or even a playful pattern. Dark blue jeans offer a versatile canvas that allows you to express your personal style with confidence.

What Color Shirts Go With Dark Blue Jeans?

Dark blue jeans are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be paired with a wide range of shirt colors. Whether youre aiming for a casual or a dressier look, there are several color options that can complement your dark blue denim effortlessly.

For those who prefer a clean and timeless aesthetic, white shirts are an excellent choice. The crispness of a white shirt against dark blue jeans creates a classic and sophisticated look that works well for both formal and casual occasions. A white shirt also provides a blank canvas to showcase statement accessories or add a pop of color with a vibrant jacket or scarf.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, a black shirt is a great option. The contrast between the deep hues of dark blue jeans and a black shirt exudes a polished and stylish vibe. Pair this combination with some slick leather boots or dress shoes, and you’ve a go-to ensemble for a night out or a semi-formal event.

For a more laid-back and relaxed look, consider opting for a grey shirt. Grey complements dark blue jeans beautifully, offering a softer and more subdued color palette. This combination is a versatile choice that can work for various occasions, from casual outings to social gatherings.

Earthy tones like olive green, tan, or beige can create a rustic and outdoorsy vibe. Vibrant shades like red, yellow, or even pastel hues can inject a playful and fashion-forward element to your outfit. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different color combinations to suit your personal style and mood.

Whether you prefer a minimalistic or a bolder look, the array of choices ensures that you can always find the perfect shirt to match your dark blue jeans.

How to Style Dark Blue Jeans With Different Types of Shirts, Such as Button-Downs, T-Shirts, or Blouses

  • Pair dark blue jeans with a classic white button-down shirt for a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Opt for a black t-shirt to create a trendy and edgy outfit with your dark blue jeans.
  • For a more casual and laid-back style, choose a graphic t-shirt with your dark blue jeans.
  • Elevate your dark blue jeans by wearing a striped or patterned blouse for a chic and feminine ensemble.
  • Experiment with different colors and textures of shirts to add variety to your outfit when styling dark blue jeans.
  • Consider layering a cardigan or a blazer over your shirt to add warmth and style to your dark blue jeans.
  • Complete your look with the appropriate footwear, such as sneakers, heels, or ankle boots, depending on the occasion.


When it comes to figuring out what top to wear with jean leggings, it's important to maintain a sense of balance in your overall look. Instead, consider embracing the beauty of contrast by opting for a flowy top that skims the body. Not only does this choice provide a more balanced silhouette, but it also adds a touch of elegance and femininity to your outfit. Whether you prefer a breezy blouse, a relaxed tunic, or a stylish oversized sweater, the key is to choose a top that offers a sense of movement and complements the streamlined nature of jeggings. By finding the perfect balance between the structure of your jeggings and the flow of your top, you can create a chic and effortlessly stylish ensemble that’s both comfortable and flattering.