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Triple DDD, or triple D, is bra size that’s larger than double D but smaller than quadruple D. It’s size that’s becoming increasingly popular among women who’ve larger busts. With right fit, triple DDD bra can provide support and comfort that larger-busted women need.

What does “triple DDD” mean?

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Is 36DDD large size?

When it comes to cup sizes, dd is considered to be big cup size, but only if it’s on bigger band size. The average US bra size is 36DDD, and this isn’t even that big. In fact, with more than 90% of population wearing wrong size, it could be that this is just best-selling size.

When it comes to finding right size, it’s important to get professional fitting. This will ensure that you get right size for your body type and shape. Other factors such as band size, shape, and material can all affect fit of bra.

What size is 36DDD equivalent to?

Sister size charts are invaluable tool for women who’re looking for perfect fit in bra. By using sister size chart, woman can find bra that fits her body shape and size without having to try on multiple sizes.

The 36 band size sister size chart is great resource for women who wear 36 band size bra. For example, if woman is wearing 36D bra, sister size chart would suggest that she try 34DD(E) or 38C. This chart also provides list of five more sister sizes that are two sizes up or down from current bra size.

What size is 36DDD?

Small: 28d, 28dd, 30b, 30c, 30d, 30dd, 32aa, 32a, and 32b are all considered small sizes. These sizes are typically used for petite women, or those who’re particularly slim. Small sizes are often used for lingerie, swimwear, and other clothing items that require snug fit. Small sizes are also ideal for those who’re looking for more tailored look.

Medium: 32c, 34aa, 34a, 34b, 36aa, 36a, and 36b are all considered medium sizes. Medium sizes are often used for casual clothing items such as jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters. They’re also ideal for those who’re looking for more relaxed fit.

Large: 32d, 32dd, 34c, 34d, 34dd, 36c, and 36d are all considered large sizes. Large sizes are often used for more formal clothing items such as dresses, suits, and blazers.

X large: 36d, 36dd, 38aa, 38a, 38b, 38c, 38d, 38dd, 40aa, 40a, 40b, 40c, 40d, and 40dd are all considered extra-large sizes.


DD is equivalent to size F, and DDD is next cup size up from DD. Both sizes provide ample support and coverage for women of all sizes and shapes. DD and DDD bras are designed to provide comfortable fit and flattering silhouette. They’re also available in variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, making them great choice for any woman.