What Replaced the D9839 Maidenform Bra?

In the ever-evolving world of lingerie, the D9839 Maidenform bra has made it’s mark and set the standard for comfort, support, and style. However, as fashion and technology continue to advance, new and innovative designs have emerged to replace this beloved undergarment. These exciting developments in the world of bras aim to provide a more tailored and customized experience for women of all shapes and sizes. From cutting-edge fabrics to ingenious construction techniques, the options are now limitless.

Does Maidenform Make Victoria Secret Bras?

Maidenform and Victorias Secret have joined forces to bring consumers a revolutionary bra experience. Through a collaborative effort, both lingerie powerhouses have incorporated cutting-edge technology into their designs. The result is an exceptional bra line known as the Perfect One, which is exclusively sold by Victorias Secret.

The Perfect One bra showcases the fusion of Maidenforms expertise in comfortable, functional lingerie with Victorias Secrets commitment to luxury and style. By merging their strengths, these brands have created a bra that offers exceptional support without compromising on elegance. With the Perfect One, women can now confidently embrace their curves while maintaining a fashionable look.

Victorias Secret, known for it’s glamorous and sensual designs, has elevated the Perfect One bra by infusing it with their unique style. The bra has delicate lace detailing, intricate embroidery, and options in various colors and patterns that make it a coveted fashion item.

By combining their efforts, they’ve developed a bra that seamlessly blends comfort and fashion, setting a new standard in lingerie innovation.

How Maidenform’s Expertise Contributes to the Perfect One Bra: Exploring the Specific Ways in Which Maidenform’s Expertise in Creating Comfortable and Functional Lingerie Contributes to the Success of the Perfect One Bra.

Maidenform, a renowned lingerie brand, leverages it’s expertise in the industry to craft the exceptional Perfect One bra. By employing a range of smart techniques and high-quality materials, Maidenform ensures it’s customers enjoy ultimate comfort and functionality. The brand’s deep understanding of women’s lingerie needs and it’s commitment to innovation guarantees that the Perfect One bra surpasses expectations, making it the ideal choice for women seeking the perfect balance of support and style.

Maidenform is a well-known brand that specializes in creating high-quality bras and undergarments. Established by Enid Bissett, Ida Rosenthal, and William Rosenthal, the company has been a pioneer in the apparel industry for several years. Today, Maidenform is a subsidiary of Hanesbrands and continues to cater to customers’ lingerie needs with it’s innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

What Company Makes Maidenform Bras?

Maidenform is a well-known and reputable company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of bras. Founded by Enid Bissett, Ida Rosenthal, and William Rosenthal, Maidenform has become a prominent player in the apparel industry. The company takes pride in their ability to provide high-quality bras that are both fashionable and comfortable for their customers.

As a subsidiary of Hanesbrands, Maidenform benefits from the strong support and resources of it’s parent company. This allows them to maintain their position as a leading brand in the market and ensures that their products meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

The company understands that different women have different body types and preferences, which is why they aim to provide a variety of options to suit every individual. Their bras are designed with attention to detail, incorporating features such as adjustable straps, underwire support, and seamless construction for optimal comfort.

To connect with their customers and provide a seamless shopping experience, Maidenform also has a user-friendly website where customers can browse and purchase their products. The website showcases their latest collections, allows customers to explore different styles, and provides helpful sizing guides and fitting tips.

With a commitment to delivering fashionable and comfortable products, they cater to the diverse needs and preferences of women.

History and Founding of Maidenform: Provide More Detailed Information About the History and Founding of Maidenform, Including Specific Dates and Milestones in the Company’s Development.

Maidenform, a renowned intimates brand, has a fascinating history that began over nine decades ago. Founded in 1922 by Enid Bissett and Ida Rosenthal, the company started as a small custom bra-making business. Enid and Ida were devoted to creating revolutionary undergarments that provided women with comfort and a flattering silhouette. They embraced innovative design techniques and eventually introduced the Maidenform brand to the world.

The company achieved a significant milestone in 1927 when it patented an adjustable back bra called the “Maiden Form Brassiere” (later renamed Maidenform). This invention revolutionized the undergarment industry and marked the birth of the modern bra.

Throughout the 1930s, Maidenform continued to push boundaries by introducing new styles and designs that catered to various body types. They were pioneers in creating cups to provide women with better shaping and support.

In the 1940s, Maidenform launched an iconic advertising campaign featuring the slogan “I dreamed… in my Maidenform bra.” This memorable campaign captivated consumers and solidified Maidenform as a leading brand in the lingerie industry.

Maidenform further expanded it’s offerings in the 1950s, venturing into the production of other undergarments such as girdles and corsets. They continued to prioritize comfort and innovation, introducing stretch fabrics and adjustable features.

The company experienced immense success and growth in the following decades, becoming a global brand and expanding it’s product lines to include swimwear, sleepwear, and loungewear. Maidenform’s commitment to providing women with quality and well-fitting undergarments remained constant throughout.

In 2013, Maidenform became a part of HanesBrands Inc., a leading apparel company. Today, Maidenform continues to thrive, offering a wide range of intimate apparel designed to empower and support women. The company’s rich history, marked by innovation and dedication, has left an indelible mark on the lingerie industry.


From wireless bras that prioritize comfort to specialized sports bras that offer enhanced support during physical activities, the market now offers an array of options for women to choose from. These advancements in design and technology reflect a growing understanding of the importance of providing women with undergarments that not only fulfill their functional needs but also empower them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. As the lingerie industry continues to evolve, we can expect further innovations that will revolutionize the way women experience intimate apparel, ensuring that every woman can find the perfect bra that suits her unique needs and preferences.