What Is the Maidenform Bra? – All You Need to Know

Maidenform bra, specifically the revolutionary DreamWire® underwire bra, stands tall in the lingerie industry as a pinnacle of comfort and support. Designed with a dreamy touch, this bra combines innovative underwire technology with a plush foam and soft outer fabric composition. This ingeniously crafted structure ensures that the underwire remains encased, eliminating any pinching or poking sensations that traditional bras often inflict.

Are Maidenform and Flexees Related?

Maidenform and Flexees are indeed related. Maidenform Brands is the parent company that encompasses both brands. With a diverse range of products, Maidenform specializes in manufacturing and selling bras, panties, and shapewear. They’ve gained a reputation for providing high-quality and comfortable undergarments for women of all sizes and body types.

In addition to Maidenform and Flexees, the company also offers other well-known brands such as Lilyette, Sweet Nothings, Rendezvous, Subtract, Bodymates, and Self Expressions. Each of these brands caters to different preferences and needs, ensuring that customers have plenty of options to choose from.

They understand the importance of a well-fitting undergarment and are committed to providing women with choices that make them look and feel their best.

The wide range of brands under Maidenforms umbrella allows them to cater to diverse customer preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Overview of Maidenform’s Product Offerings, Including Bras, Panties, and Shapewear

  • Maidenform bras
  • Maidenform panties
  • Maidenform shapewear

Maidenform Brands has built it’s legacy as a renowned manufacturer of women’s underwear since it’s establishment in 192The company was founded by Ida Rosenthal, a talented seamstress, along with Enid Bissett, the owner of the shop where Rosenthal worked, and Ida’s husband, William Rosenthal. Throughout the years, Maidenform has continued to craft women’s undergarments that combine both comfort and style, catering to the diverse needs of women worldwide.

What Is Maidenform?

Maidenform quickly gained recognition for it’s innovative designs, which focused on providing both comfort and support to women. The company revolutionized the undergarment industry by introducing the first modern bra with two cups, replacing the traditional girdle-like corsets that were commonly worn at the time. This breakthrough design allowed women to embrace their natural curves while still enjoying the necessary support.

Over the years, Maidenform continued to push boundaries and introduce new technologies to enhance the fit and function of their products. They were pioneers in the development of flexible underwire, which provided added support without sacrificing comfort. This revolutionary innovation set a new standard in the industry and further solidified Maidenform as a trusted and respected brand.

Maidenforms commitment to understanding and catering to womens needs also extended beyond the physical. The brand recognized the importance of lingerie in boosting womens self-confidence and body positivity. They introduced various lingerie collections that celebrated women of all shapes and sizes, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and feel beautiful from within.

Maidenform bras have a rich history that dates back to their manufacturing operations in Bayonne, New Jersey. Under the leadership of William Rosenthal, the company made significant advancements in brassiere design, introducing various styles such as nursing, long-line, full-figure, and the groundbreaking seamed uplift bra. These innovations solidified Maidenform’s position as a top player in the lingerie industry.

Where Are Maidenform Bras Made?

Maidenform, a renowned lingerie brand, established it’s manufacturing operations in Bayonne, New Jersey. This American company has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. From it’s humble beginnings, Maidenform has made significant contributions to the world of brassiere design. William Rosenthal, a key figure in the company, assumed the role of president in 1927 and played a pivotal role in it’s growth.

One of Rosenthals notable achievements was obtaining several patents on various brassiere designs. His innovation extended beyond conventional bras and expanded to include nursing bras, long-line bras, and full-figure bras. Furthermore, Rosenthal introduced the world to the first seamed uplift bra, transforming the way women experienced comfort and support.

The manufacturing hub in Bayonne, New Jersey, served as Maidenforms primary production facility, ensuring the quality and craftsmanship associated with the brand. The skilled workers in Bayonne were committed to creating bras that offered both style and functionality. These collectors of fine lingerie materials produced bras that could cater to different body types, providing ample support and ensuring a comfortable fit.

Maidenforms presence in Bayonne represented the brands dedication to American manufacturing. The companys commitment to producing locally helped support the American economy and provided job opportunities for the local community. This strategic decision allowed Maidenform to maintain control over the production process, ensuring that their high standards of quality were consistently upheld.

This historic location has been the birthplace of numerous patented bra designs, thanks to the pioneering efforts of William Rosenthal. By choosing to manufacture domestically, Maidenform has both supported the American economy and maintained control over the production process, ensuring the brands reputation for excellence.

The Variety of Bra Styles and Body Types Catered to by Maidenform’s Bras Made in Bayonne

  • Maidenform offers a wide range of bra styles
  • These bras are designed to cater to different body types
  • The Bayonne factory specializes in manufacturing these bras
  • Maidenform’s bra styles include push-up, balconette, full coverage, and more
  • These bras are designed to provide comfort and support
  • Bayonne’s manufacturing expertise ensures high-quality bras
  • Maidenform bras are crafted with attention to detail
  • From petite to plus-size, Maidenform has bras for every body type
  • The variety of bra styles and sizes ensures a perfect fit for everyone
  • Women can confidently choose Maidenform bras made in Bayonne

Source: Maidenform Worldwide Inc. | Encyclopedia.com

The collaboration between Maidenform and Victoria’s Secret has led to an exciting outcome – the Victoria’s Secret bras now incorporate the advanced technology found in Maidenform’s Perfect One bra. Essentially, the Total Solutions bras and Perfect One bras have become synonymous, offering customers comparable comfort and support.

Does Maidenform Make Victoria Secret Bras?

Maidenform and Victorias Secret, two renowned lingerie brands, have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration that’s left many consumers wondering if Maidenform manufactures Victoria Secret bras. The answer to this query lies in their shared technology. In a groundbreaking deal, Victorias Secret has incorporated the ingenious technology of Maidenforms Perfect One bra into their own exquisite creations.

The result of this partnership is truly remarkable. Renowned for it’s innovative approach to undergarments, Maidenforms Total Solutions bras are practically indistinguishable from Victorias Secrets Perfect One bras. This remarkable similarity between the two collections is a testament to the synergistic collaboration between these industry giants.

By opting for the same technology, Victorias Secret has secured it’s place as a leading purveyor of luxurious and comfortable lingerie. The move not only enhances their existing product line but also allows them to cater to an even wider customer base.

This collaboration has set a new benchmark for the industry, illustrating the power of innovation and cooperation between established brands.

Maidenform and Victorias Secret have successfully joined forces to bring forth a collection that seamlessly merges their expertise and technology.

The Pricing and Availability of the Maidenform Technology in Victoria’s Secret Bras

  • Maidenform technology is now available in select Victoria’s Secret bras.
  • Customers can experience the superior comfort and support provided by Maidenform technology.
  • With the integration of Maidenform technology, Victoria’s Secret bras offer a perfect fit and enhanced lift.
  • There’s a range of styles and sizes available to cater to different preferences and body types.
  • For more information on the pricing and availability of Victoria’s Secret bras with Maidenform technology, please visit your nearest Victoria’s Secret store or their official website.


It’s unique underwire technology, which securely encases the underwire between plush foam and soft outer fabric, ensures a no-pinch, no-poke support that defies convention. This revolutionary approach to bra construction sets Maidenform apart, as it addresses one of the most common complaints from women about uncomfortable underwire bras. With the DreamWire® bra, women can experience unparalleled comfort without sacrificing the necessary support. It proves that intimate wear can be both functional and dreamy, leaving behind the traditional discomfort associated with underwire bras.