What Does 31 in Corset Mean?

These figure-enhancing garments have captivated fashion enthusiasts for centuries, and their allure continues to this day. When it comes to corsets, individuals who delve into the world of waist training or corsetry often stumble upon a perplexing term: 31 in corset. This mysterious phrase seems to hold some significance within the corset community, leaving curious minds eager to unravel it’s meaning. The number 31, undoubtedly, carries a deeper connotation beyond it’s numerical value. As we embark on a journey to unravel the enigma behind the 31 in corset, we shall delve into it’s origins, symbolism, and significance, shedding light on this captivating secret that lies at the heart of corsetry. So, sit back, loosen your metaphorical corset strings, and join us in exploring the captivating world of the 31 in corset.

What Is a Size 26 Corset?

A size 26 corset refers to a specific measurement of the waist when the corset is fully laced shut. It’s important to note that corset sizing is typically different from regular clothing sizing, as corsets are designed to cinch the waist and create a desired hourglass figure. Therefore, when ordering an overbust corset, it’s recommended to order 2-3 inches below your natural waist measurements to allow for cinching and achieving the desired fit.

For instance, if your natural waist measurement is 29 inches, it would be advisable to purchase a size 26 corset. This choice would provide room for cinching and tightening the corset to your desired level of tightness and shaping. Keep in mind that corsets are meant to be adjusted and laced tightly, so it’s essential to ensure a proper fit and flexibility for adjustments.

Choosing the right corset size is crucial for achieving comfort and the desired silhouette. Therefore, it’s recommended to measure your waist accurately before making any purchase decisions.

With proper measurements and consideration, you can confidently select the perfect size to enhance your figure and achieve your desired look.

Different Types of Corset Styles and Their Effects on the Figure

  • Underbust Corset: This style of corset fits beneath the bustline, providing support and shaping to the waist and hips.
  • Overbust Corset: Designed to cover the entire bust, this corset style offers full support and shaping to the waist, bust, and hips.
  • Waist Cincher: Also known as a waspie, this corset style focuses on narrowing the waist without providing extensive support to the bust or hips.
  • Longline Corset: Spanning from the bust to the hips, this corset style offers a longer silhouette and evenly distributes shaping throughout.
  • Hourglass Corset: Designed to enhance the natural hourglass figure, this corset style accentuates the waist while providing support and shaping to the bust and hips.
  • Training Corset: These corsets are intended for waist training purposes, gradually reducing the waistline over time.
  • Victorian Corset: Inspired by the corsets worn during the Victorian era, this style emphasizes a small waist and an exaggerated bustle or cage.
  • Steampunk Corset: Influenced by the Victorian era and steampunk aesthetics, these corsets often feature unique embellishments and industrial-inspired details.
  • Bridal Corset: These corsets are specially designed for brides, providing a traditional and elegant look while enhancing the figure under wedding gowns.
  • Fashion Corset: More lightweight and decorative, fashion corsets are worn as stylish garments rather than for extensive shaping.

Finding the right size for a corset can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the sizing charts. In this article, we will be discussing what a size 22 in corsets means and how it corresponds to your natural measurements. Please note that the size chart provided is purely for guidance and should be used as a reference only.

What Is a Size 22 in Corsets?

Corsets have long been a popular garment in fashion, known for their ability to enhance the silhouette and create a desirable hourglass figure. When it comes to corset sizing, it’s essential to understand the corresponding measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

A size 22 in corsets refers to the waist measurement, with 1 inch equating to 2.54 cm.

For instance, a size 22 corset typically fits individuals with a bust measurement ranging from 32 to 33 inches. In the United States, this generally corresponds to a clothing size of 2-4.

These measurements ultimately serve as a starting point, and it’s crucial to pay attention to individual body proportions and variations.


In conclusion, deciphering the meaning behind the number 31 in corsetry isn’t a straightforward process. While it could potentially reference a variety of aspects such as size, style, or historical significance, it ultimately depends on the context and the specific corset in question. Therefore, a deeper exploration of corsetry as a whole is necessary to truly understand the potential interpretations encompassed by the number 31 and to appreciate the multifaceted nature of this intricate garment.