What Bra Size Does Lucoa From Dragon Maid Wear?

What Are the Measurements of Ilulu Dragon Maid?

Ilulu, from the anime “Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid,” is a captivating character known for her charming and unique features. In her human form, she stands at a petite height of 130 centimeters, which adds to her adorable appearance. However, her measurements as a dragon remain unknown, leaving fans with ample room for speculation and imagination.

Illustrating a distinct blend of cuteness and mystery, Ilulus measurements enhance her fantastical allure. Her bust size is listed as B130, showcasing a sizeable yet visually appealing feature that complements her petite frame. With a waist measurement of W55, Ilulu maintains a slender figure, conveying elegance and grace. Accompanied by a hip measurement of H70, she exudes a subtle level of sensuality, making her a visually stimulating character.

These measurements contribute to the visual design of the character, emphasizing her fantastical nature. Despite her petite stature, Ilulus well-defined proportions create a distinct and eye-catching silhouette, captivating fans with her whimsical charm. It’s this unique blend of features that makes Ilulu an incredibly memorable character within the realm of anime and manga.

Tohru, the beloved dragon maid from the anime, boasts a striking appearance with her hair embellished in playful hues of pink and purple. While her height reaches a graceful 176cm in her human form, her majestic dragon self soars to towering heights of 15-20m. Unveiling her impressive proportions, Tohru’s measurements gracefully settle at B95/W70/H75.

How Tall Is Tohru the Dragon Maid?

Tohru, the beloved dragon maid from the anime series, has captured the hearts of viewers with her enchanting demeanor and breathtaking presence. Standing tall at an impressive height of 176cm in her human form, Tohru exudes an aura of elegance and grace that’s unrivaled. With her striking violet eyes and cascading locks of vibrant hair, she truly stands out in a crowd.

However, it’s when Tohru unleashes her true form as a dragon that her awe-inspiring stature is revealed. Towering above the landscape, she measures an astonishing 15-20 meters in height. This vertical dominance that Tohru commands showcases the immense power and strength that lies within her dragon heritage.

It’s worth noting that Tohrus hair, a physical attribute that contributes to her charm, possesses a unique color gradient. While predominantly pink, her luscious locks are adorned with hints of purple at the tips. This subtle touch adds an extra level of beauty and intrigue to her appearance, further accentuating her mystical allure.

Beyond her physical dimensions, Tohrus measurements further emphasize her alluring curves and femininity. With a bust size of B95, waist size of W70, and hip size of H75, she possesses a figure that epitomizes beauty and sensuality. These measurements are in perfect harmony, complementing her statuesque height and exuding an aura of attractiveness that’s impossible to ignore.

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Elma, the beloved character from the anime Dragon Maid, captivates fans with her unique design and charming personality. In her dragon form, she takes on the appearance of a majestic blue sea serpent, complete with a distinctive brown horn and trident-like tail. As a water dragon, she effortlessly glides through aquatic realms. However, when assuming her human form, Elma stands at a height of 173cm. Astonishingly, her dragon form towers at an impressive 120 meters. To further pique interest, her measurements grace her human form with a curvaceous figure, boasting B90/W78/H84 dimensions.

What Are Elma Dragon Maid Measurements?

Elma, the beloved character from the anime series “Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid,” captivates audiences with her unique appearance and endearing personality. When Elma transforms into her dragon form, she takes on the form of a magnificent blue sea serpent, adorned with a distinctive brown horn on her forehead. Her tail, resembling a brown trident, adds to her majestic presence. As a water dragon, Elma possesses the remarkable ability to navigate effortlessly through aquatic environments.

In her human form, Elma stands at a graceful height of 173cm, an attribute that adds to her elegance and allure. In dragon form, she’s an impressive 120m long, truly showcasing the grandeur of her being. However, it’s worth noting that Elmas most intriguing characteristics lie in her measurements. The dimensions that define her figure are B90/W78/H84.

This information about Elmas measurements provides insight into her physique, highlighting her well-proportioned figure. With a bust measurement of 90cm, Elma possesses a considerable bust size that enhances her feminine charm. Her slim waist, measuring 78cm, complements her overall physique and accentuates her form beautifully. Completing the measurements is her hip size of 84cm, which adds a touch of alluring curves to her appearance.

While her measurements may be numerical figures, they represent the artistic beauty and attention to detail that make Elma a beloved character in the world of anime.

In the anime series “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” one of the popular characters is Fafnir, a dragon who disguises himself as a human. However, when in his true form, Fafnir stands at an awe-inspiring height of 20 meters. This towering presence showcases the sheer power and grandeur of dragons within the show’s universe.

How Tall Is Fafnir Dragon Maid?

Fafnir, the dragon maid from the popular anime series “Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid,” is undoubtedly an impressive and majestic creature. Upon transforming into his true form as a dragon, Fafnir towers over his surroundings, measuring a staggering height of 20 meters. This immense size allows him to exude an intimidating aura, reflecting his mythical origins as a powerful dragon of lore.

As Fafnir spreads his majestic wings and stands tall, his presence commands attention and respect. With his enormous frame and piercing gaze, he becomes an awe-inspiring sight for those fortunate enough to witness his imposing figure. Standing at such great heights, Fafnirs scaled body glimmers in the sunlight, reflecting his inherent mystique and raw power.

The sheer enormity of Fafnirs dragon form accentuates his characters significant role within the series. It highlights his fearsome reputation as a formidable dragon, whose strength and might aren’t to be underestimated. Moreover, Fafnirs immense stature serves as a testament to the extraordinary abilities possessed by mythical creatures like him in the world of the anime.

Fafnir’s Backstory and Origins as a Legendary Dragon.

Fafnir is a fascinating character from ancient mythology known for his intriguing backstory and mythical origins as a legendary dragon. This legendary creature has captivated the imaginations of people for centuries. Stories and legends surrounding Fafnir’s origins depict him as a powerful and fearsome dragon, often guarding a vast treasure. These tales often intertwine with heroic figures who strive to defeat him and claim his riches for themselves. Fafnir’s legendary status and mysterious background continue to enchant and inspire many to this day.


In the world of fictional characters, such as Lucoa from Dragon Maid, it’s important to approach their physical attributes with sensitivity and respect. Focusing solely on a character's bra size undermines their depth, complexity, and the narrative they inhabit. The allure of compelling characters lies in their personalities, relationships, and the stories they become a part of. It’s vital to embrace a holistic perspective when discussing fictional characters, placing emphasis on their development, growth, and their ability to captivate audiences beyond superficial physical characteristics.