How to Upgrade Heirloom Leggings: A Step-by-Step Guide

Heirloom leggings are a valuable asset in any adventurer's arsenal, providing both style and superior protection. However, as you progress in your journey, you may find that your beloved leggings fall short in terms of scaling. The key lies in acquiring special items from the esteemed Heirloom Curators, known for their expertise in enhancing heirloom gear. These upgrade items, namely Scabbards and Armor Casings, hold the power to unlock the true potential of your leggings. With each upgrade, your heirloom leggings will gain the ability to scale higher, ensuring that they can withstand the trials of Level 35, Level 40, Level 45, Level 50, and even Level 60. So, if you find yourself in need of a boost in power, seek out the Heirloom Curators and embark on a journey to elevate your heirloom leggings to new heights.

Why Can’t I Upgrade My Heirloom?

Many players often wonder why they cant fully upgrade their precious heirlooms in one go. The reason behind this limitation lies in the design philosophy of the game. The developers have implemented a system that allows players to only upgrade their heirlooms one step at a time.

When an heirloom is initially obtained, it starts at level 1, and players can enhance it to level However, they can’t directly apply a level 5 upgrade to it at this stage. This deliberate restriction on upgrading is aimed at providing a sense of progression and accomplishment to the players. It allows them to gradually strengthen and improve their heirlooms, rather than instantly reaching their maximum potential.

Moreover, this incremental upgrade system ensures that players continue to engage with the progression mechanics of the game. If all upgrades were possible in one go, players would potentially reach a plateau quickly, which could lead to decreased interest and motivation to play.

So, embrace the step-by-step upgrade process and enjoy the rewarding experience of gradually transforming your heirloom into a true relic of power.

Tips for Optimizing the Upgrade Process of Heirlooms

  • Start by organizing your heirlooms in a systematic manner.
  • Make a detailed inventory of your heirlooms, noting their condition and any necessary repairs.
  • Prioritize the order in which you want to upgrade your heirlooms based on sentimental value or practicality.
  • Research and gather information on proper restoration and preservation techniques for each type of heirloom.
  • Be mindful of the materials your heirlooms are made of and use appropriate cleaning and polishing methods.
  • Consider seeking professional help for certain heirlooms or intricate restoration procedures.
  • Ensure a stable and well-ventilated storage area to prevent damage to upgraded heirlooms.
  • Regularly monitor and maintain your upgraded heirlooms to prevent deterioration and decay.
  • Document the upgrades you’ve made, including before and after photographs, to preserve the history and value of your heirlooms.

Once an heirloom is learned and added to your heirloom collection, it’s permanently part of your collection. Upgrades to these items are also permanent, ensuring that your heirlooms continue to grow stronger and more valuable as you progress in your adventures.

Are Heirloom Upgrades Permanent?

Are heirloom upgrades permanent? This is a question many collectors and enthusiasts have asked themselves. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! Once an heirloom is learned and added to your heirloom collection, it becomes a permanent part of your collection. This means that you’ll always have access to it and can use it whenever you desire.

This permanence adds an additional layer of excitement and incentive for collectors. It means that every upgrade made to an heirloom contributes to it’s overall value and usefulness in the long run. As you continue to invest in upgrades, your heirlooms will become even more potent and unique, making them truly priceless treasures.

So, embrace the world of heirlooms and let your collection shine with perpetual brilliance!

How to Properly Care for and Preserve Heirlooms

  • Store heirlooms in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from humidity.
  • Wrap delicate items in acid-free tissue paper to protect them from scratches and tears.
  • Avoid displaying heirlooms in direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and deterioration.
  • Regularly dust and clean heirlooms with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and debris.
  • Use archival-quality storage containers and materials to safeguard against acid and chemical damage.
  • Handle heirlooms with clean hands or wear cotton gloves to prevent oil and dirt transfer.
  • Consider professional conservation and restoration services for damaged or fragile heirlooms.
  • Document the history and provenance of each heirloom to preserve it’s significance for future generations.
  • Periodically check on stored heirlooms to ensure they remain in good condition and address any issues promptly.
  • Appropriately insure valuable heirlooms to protect against loss or damage.

Now, let’s delve into the details of upgrading heirlooms in Shadowlands and explore whether it’s truly worth the investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Heirlooms in Shadowlands?

However, the cost to upgrade heirlooms in Shadowlands can be quite steep. As you progress through the expansion, you’ll need to collect various resources and currencies in order to upgrade your heirlooms. These resources can include gold, Honor Points, and Mark of Honor.

To upgrade an heirloom, you’ll first need to visit the heirloom upgrade vendor, located in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge for Alliance players and in the Rogues Quarter in Undercity for Horde players. Here, you can choose which heirloom you wish to upgrade and see the various costs associated with each upgrade level.

The cost to upgrade an heirloom starts relatively low, but it gradually increases with each subsequent level. The first few upgrades may only cost a few hundred gold or a small amount of Honor Points, but the cost can quickly escalate.

It’s important to note that not all heirlooms can be upgraded to the same level. So, while you may be able to fully upgrade some heirlooms with 10k gold, others may require significantly more investment to reach their maximum potential.

It’s important to carefully consider which heirlooms you want to invest in and prioritize your upgrades based on your playstyle and leveling goals. While upgrading heirlooms can provide a significant boost to your leveling experience, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if the cost is worth the benefits.

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As you progress in the game, you might be wondering if it’s possible to upgrade your heirlooms. The answer is yes! In fact, it’s crucial to upgrade your heirlooms if you want them to scale with your level. To do this, you’ll need to purchase leveling items from Heirloom Curators, Scabbards, or Armor Casings using gold. The first upgrade will allow your heirlooms to scale up to level 35, giving you a much-needed boost in power.

Can You Upgrade Heirlooms?

Upgrade 2 – scales to level 40. Upgrade 5 – scales to level 5Upgrade 12 – scales to level 90.

To upgrade your heirlooms, youll need to visit various vendors depending on the type of heirloom you have. For armor heirlooms, you can purchase Armor Casings from the Guild Vendor or from Dame Evniki Kapsalis in Darkmoon Island. These Armor Casings can be used to upgrade your armor heirlooms.

For weapon heirlooms, you can purchase Scabbards from the Guild Vendor or from Daenrand Dawncrest in Lights Hope Chapel. These Scabbards can be used to upgrade your weapon heirlooms.

Both Armor Casings and Scabbards have multiple levels, which correspond to the level range that the heirloom will scale to. Simply purchase the appropriate level of casing or scabbard for the desired upgrade level.

Each upgrade has a cost associated with it, and the price increases with each level. It’s a good idea to have a decent amount of gold saved up if you plan on upgrading multiple heirlooms.

Upgrading heirlooms is essential in order to ensure that they continue to scale with your level. By purchasing and using Armor Casings and Scabbards, you can upgrade your heirlooms to higher level ranges. However, the cost of upgrading can be quite expensive, so be prepared with enough gold to cover the expenses.

Tips for Farming Gold to Cover the Cost of Upgrading Heirlooms

If you’re looking for ways to earn more gold to cover the expenses of upgrading your heirlooms, here are a few suggestions:

1. Adopt a diverse approach: Engage in a variety of activities like quests, dungeons, and professions. Each has the potential to yield gold and valuable items.

2. Utilize professions: Pick up gathering professions like mining or herbalism, then sell the materials you collect on the auction house. Crafting professions can also be profitable if you can create sought-after items.

3. Auction house strategies: Keep an eye on the auction house to spot opportunities for purchasing low and selling high. Look for underpriced items to resell at a higher price.

4. Daily quests: Complete the daily quests available in your faction’s capital city or other areas. These quests often award gold, reputation, and other valuable items.

5. Farming: Certain creatures, such as mobs or rare spawns, can drop valuable loot or gold. Look for areas or creatures that drop items in high demand to maximize your profits.

6. Transmogrification: Collect a variety of armor and weapon appearances, then sell them on the auction house. Many players enjoy customizing their characters’ looks and are willing to pay a premium for unique appearances.

7. Timeless Isle: Visit the Timeless Isle and participate in events and challenges. The island offers many opportunities to gather valuable items that can be sold for gold.

Remember, the most effective method might depend on your server’s economy and your available playtime. Experiment with different strategies and find the ones that work best for you.


In conclusion, upgrading heirloom leggings to maximize their potential in gameplay can be accomplished through the purchase of specific items from Heirloom Curators, such as Scabbards and Armor Casings. By investing in these upgrades, players can ensure that their heirloom leggings continue to provide valuable benefits and remain relevant throughout their gaming experience.