How to Take Off Underwear in VRChat | a Comprehensive Guide

How Do I Unpublish My VRChat Avatar?

If youre looking to unpublish your VRChat avatar or remove a Ready Player Me avatar from VRChat, the process is relatively simple. Firstly, youll need to log in to your VRChat account at using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the Avatars tab, which can usually be found at the top of the webpage.

Within the Avatars tab, you should see various sections, including the “Granted Avatars” section. These avatars are the ones you’ve access to and can remove.

To remove a specific avatar, locate the avatar you wish to unpublish and click on the “Delete Avatar” button next to it.

Other users will no longer be able to see or interact with your avatar if it’s been successfully deleted.

Furthermore, keep in mind that removing an avatar doesn’t delete it permanently from your account. You can still re-upload the avatar in the future, should you decide to use it again. However, when an avatar is unpublished, it becomes inaccessible to others unless you choose to republish it.

How to Permanently Delete an Avatar From Your VRChat Account.

  • Access your VRChat account settings.
  • Navigate to the “Avatar” section.
  • Locate the avatar you wish to permanently delete.
  • Click on the avatar to open it’s details.
  • Scroll down to find the “Delete Avatar” option.
  • Click on “Delete Avatar” to begin the deletion process.
  • Confirm the deletion when prompted.
  • Wait for the deletion process to complete.
  • Verify that the avatar has been permanently deleted from your account.

Once you’ve selected the desired avatar, click on the “Edit Avatar” option. This will take you to a customization menu where you can modify various aspects of your avatar, including clothes and accessories. Within this menu, you can browse through different clothing options and select the ones that you prefer. Once you’ve made your selection, simply save your changes and your avatar’s clothes will be updated accordingly.

How Do I Change My Avatar Clothes on Vrchat?

Once you’ve selected the avatar, a new menu will open up with various options to customize your avatar. Look for the “Change Outfit” option and click on it to proceed. This will give you access to all the different clothing items available for that particular avatar. You can choose from a variety of options including shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, and more.

If you want to reset your avatar to it’s default outfit, you can click on the “Reset Outfit” button, which will revert your avatar back to it’s original appearance.

In addition to changing clothes, you can also customize other aspects of your avatar such as it’s facial features, hair, and even add special effects or animations. VRChat provides a wide range of customization options to ensure that you can create a truly unique and individual avatar.

Changing your avatar in VRChat is a simple process that can be done by pressing a combination of keys. By pressing Ctrl and simultaneously while in the VRChat application, you can force your avatar to change to a default grey robot avatar locally. This will then enable you to easily switch to a different avatar of your choice.

How Do I Force My VRChat Avatar to Change?

To force a change in your VRChat avatar, there’s a simple key combination you can use within the VRChat application. By pressing the Ctrl and keys simultaneously, you can transform your avatar into a grey robot locally. This temporary alteration grants you the ability to switch to a different avatar of your choice.

The Ctrl and key combination functions as a quick and convenient solution, allowing users to swiftly modify their appearance in the virtual world of VRChat. Enabling this grey robot avatar serves as a placeholder, providing a blank canvas for users to subsequently select and switch to a wide range of alternative avatars.

The capacity to change avatars on the fly enhances the immersive experience of VRChat, enabling users to fully express themselves within the virtual realm. This flexibility engenders an environment brimming with creative expression, as users can experiment with various avatars, showcasing their individuality and adapting to virtual social dynamics.

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VRChat offers users the ability to fully customize their avatars, making their virtual experiences more personal and unique. Whether you prefer starting from a self-taken photo or building from the ground up, the platform provides a diverse range of customization options. With over 13,750 supported apps and games, users can take their customized avatars on exciting virtual adventures beyond VRChat.

Can You Customize Your Avatar in VRChat?

In the immersive world of VRChat, customization is key. Whether you want to create an avatar that closely resembles your real-life appearance or unleash your creativity and design an entirely unique character, the possibilities are endless. You can kickstart the customization process by taking a selfie and using that as a reference point. This is perfect for those who want their virtual self to mirror their real-world appearance, allowing for a more personal and authentic experience.

What sets VRChat apart is it’s compatibility with a vast array of supported apps and games. Once youve created your customized avatar, you can unleash it not only within VRChat but also across over 13,750 other apps and games. This means that your personalized virtual self can accompany you on a variety of virtual adventures. Whether you want to explore different gaming worlds or interact with diverse communities, your customized avatar is ready for the adventure.

When using VRChat, you’ve the option to hide or show avatars based on your preferences. By accessing the Social Quick Menu and selecting “Use Safety Settings,” you can let the Safety Mode dictate how user avatars are displayed. However, if you prefer more control over this, you can manually choose to either “Show Avatar” or “Hide Avatar,” overriding the default Safety Mode and adjusting the visibility of avatars and their accompanying features.

How Do I Turn Off Avatars in VRChat?

To turn off avatars in VRChat, there are a few options you can consider. One way is to navigate to the Social Quick Menu, where you’ll find the option to use safety settings. By clicking on this, you can select the safety mode that suits your preferences for displaying avatars.

If you want to have more control over specific avatars, you can choose to either show or hide them individually. In the Social Quick Menu, there will be an option to show or hide avatars.

Additionally, it’s important to be aware of the platforms guidelines and community standards. Certain avatars or behaviors may violate these guidelines, and it’s crucial to report any inappropriate content or behavior to the moderation team. They’ll take appropriate action to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users.

It’s always advisable to follow the platforms guidelines and report any inappropriate content or behavior to maintain a safe and enjoyable virtual environment for all users.

How to Report Inappropriate Avatars or Behaviors in VRChat

  • Open the VRChat application on your device.
  • Navigate to the avatar or player exhibiting the inappropriate behavior that you want to report.
  • Click on the “…” button next to the user’s name or the avatar’s name.
  • A dropdown menu will appear. Select the “Report” option.
  • A new window will open with various reporting options. Choose the appropriate category for the offense, such as “Inappropriate Avatar” or “Harassment.”
  • Provide a detailed description of the issue in the text box provided. Be specific about the behavior or avatar that violates VRChat’s guidelines.
  • Add any relevant screenshots or video recordings as evidence to support your report.
  • Click on the “Submit” or “Send” button to submit your report.
  • If available, check for a confirmation message or reference number to ensure your report is successfully submitted.
  • Repeat these steps for each avatar or user you want to report.
  • Remember to use the reporting system responsibly and only report genuine violations of VRChat’s guidelines.


While exploring this virtual space, users need to navigate social norms and ensure that their actions are respectful and appropriate. Taking off underwear in VRChat or engaging in activities that may violate community guidelines or make others uncomfortable isn’t conducive to fostering a positive virtual environment. It’s crucial to approach this platform with respect, empathy, and understanding, treating others as you’d in the real world. By upholding these values, users can create an inclusive and enjoyable virtual space for all participants.