How to Properly Wear Lumo Lift on Your Bra

Designed to be discreet and easy to use, the Lumo Lift is worn on your bra and provides gentle reminders and feedback to help you maintain proper posture throughout the day. By placing this small device on your bra, you can significantly improve your posture, reduce back and neck pain, and project confidence in all aspects of your life.

How Do You Wear a LUMO Lift?

To properly wear a LUMO lift, it’s important to position it correctly on your body. The device should be placed directly below your collarbone, creating a comfortable and convenient location for tracking your posture. The larger sensor portion of the LUMO lift is designed to be worn underneath your shirt, ensuring that it remains discreetly hidden from view. This not only allows for a more stylish appearance, but also prevents the device from causing any unnecessary discomfort.

While positioning the sensor underneath your shirt, the magnetic clasp should be placed on the outside of your shirt or undershirt. This clasp serves the purpose of holding the LUMO lift securely in place throughout the day. By utilizing the magnetic clasp, you can be confident that the device won’t slip or slide out of position, even during active movements.

This ensures that the sensor remains in close proximity to your body, allowing it to accurately measure your posture and provide valuable feedback. A secure fit promotes a better tracking experience, enabling you to better understand your daily habits and make any necessary adjustments to improve your posture.

How to Properly Adjust the LUMO Lift for Different Body Types and Sizes

When adjusting the LUMO Lift for different body types and sizes, it’s important to follow these steps to ensure proper alignment and functionality:

1. Start by placing the LUMO Lift on the desired area of your body, such as your collarbone or neckline.
2. Gently position the LUMO Lift so that it sits comfortably and securely.
3. Make sure that the sensor is aligned with your spine, as this is key to accurate posture tracking.
4. Customize the lift height by pressing the small button on the back of the device. This allows you to set it at the correct height for your body type and size.
5. Adjust the tension of the magnetic clasp on the back of the Lift to secure it in place without being too tight or too loose.
6. Once you’ve made these adjustments, double-check the alignment, comfort, and functionality of the LUMO Lift before using it.

By following these steps, you can properly adjust the LUMO Lift for different body types and sizes.

One of the key aspects of using a Lumo Lift is correctly placing the sensor against your body. By removing the square magnetic clasp from the sensor, you can easily position it below your collarbone. Once clipped in place, you can then focus on maintaining good posture. Additionally, setting your target posture with a single press of the Lumo Lift allows you to utilize the device effectively and effortlessly.

How Do You Use a Lumo Lift?

Using a Lumo Lift is a simple and effective way to improve your posture. To begin, start by removing the square magnetic clasp from the Lumo Lift sensor. This clasp is essential for securing the sensor to your body.

Now that the sensor is securely fastened, it’s time to focus on your posture. Stand or sit up straight, ensuring that your shoulders are back and your spine is aligned. This is the ideal posture that you want to achieve and maintain throughout the day.

To set your target posture on the Lumo Lift, simply single-press the sensor. This tells the device to calibrate and recognize this specific posture as your goal.

With your Lumo Lift set up and your target posture established, youre ready to go about your daily activities.

With it’s discreet design and easy-to-use features, this device can help you develop healthier posture habits and experience the benefits of improved alignment and reduced strain on your body.


This innovative device encourages mindfulness and self-awareness, gently reminding you to sit and stand up straight. By aligning your spinal posture, it can help alleviate strain, reduce back pain, and even enhance your confidence. With this smart wearable, you can confidently take charge of your posture and embrace a healthier lifestyle.