How to Add Details to a Bodysuit

Adding details to a bodysuit is a fantastic way to elevate it’s style and make it stand out from the crowd. Whether you’ve a plain bodysuit or one that needs a little refreshing, incorporating unique and eye-catching details can transform it into a fashion-forward statement piece. Embellishing a bodysuit with intricate embroidery, delicate lace, vibrant appliques, or even strategically placed cutouts can make a world of difference, instantly making the garment more visually appealing. Additionally, playful additions such as bows, chains, studs, or beads can add a touch of personality and create a distinct look.

What Is the Purpose of Wearing Bodysuit?

In addition to providing support and creating a sleek silhouette, bodysuits serve multiple purposes in terms of aesthetics and versatility. Whether youre wearing a high-waisted skirt, a pair of tailored pants, or even jeans, a bodysuit can instantly elevate your outfit by providing a seamless and streamlined appearance.

They come in a variety of styles, ranging from basic, everyday options to more elaborate designs with lace or unique cutouts. This wide range of options allows individuals to express their personal style and experiment with different looks. Whether you prefer a classic and understated bodysuit or a more daring and eye-catching one, there’s a style out there for everyone.

Unlike regular tops or blouses, bodysuits stay in place throughout the day, ensuring that there are no bunching or shifting issues. This makes them a popular choice for those who’re constantly on the go or prefer a no-fuss approach to dressing. Additionally, bodysuits can be particularly helpful when participating in physical activities or sports, as they offer support and prevent clothing from riding up or becoming a distraction.

Lastly, bodysuits can be a solution to the ever-present challenge of achieving a tucked-in look. Tucking in shirts can often be cumbersome, as they tend to come untucked or create bulkiness around the waist area.

Bodysuits as a Fashion Statement and Ways to Style Them

Bodysuits are an incredibly versatile fashion item that can be styled in various ways to make a statement. They can be paired with high-waisted jeans or skirts for a casual yet flattering look. Layering a blazer over a bodysuit instantly elevates it’s sophistication and can be worn for more formal occasions. For a trendy and edgy vibe, styling a bodysuit with leather pants and a statement belt creates a chic ensemble. Accessorizing with bold jewelry or a colorful jacket can further enhance the overall fashion statement of a bodysuit.

When it comes to styling a bodysuit, there are a few tricks you can employ to create a chic and sophisticated look. One option is to layer a lightweight or sheer button-down over the bodysuit. This not only adds an extra layer of coverage but also allows you to play with different textures and prints. You can tie the button-down at the waist to accentuate your shape, or leave it loose for a more relaxed and effortless vibe. Another stylish option is to opt for a V-neck tunic or a long cardigan to pair with your bodysuit and leggings. This combination not only elongates your silhouette but also adds an element of elegance to your overall outfit.

How Do You Style a Bodysuit?

Styling a bodysuit can add a touch of versatility and elegance to any outfit. One option is to wear a lightweight or sheer button-down over the bodysuit. This allows you to play with layering, creating a chic and sophisticated look. To accentuate your figure, consider tying the shirt at the waist, which can provide a flattering silhouette. On the other hand, leaving it loose adds a relaxed and effortless vibe to your ensemble, providing more coverage and comfort.

Another stylish option is to opt for a V-neck tunic or a long cardigan to pair with your bodysuit and leggings combination. This combination is perfect for those seeking a balance between comfort and style. The tunic or cardigan adds a flowy and feminine touch to the overall look, creating an effortlessly chic and relaxed vibe. You can experiment with different textures, fabrics, and colors to add further depth and dimension to your outfit.

Additionally, you can enhance your bodysuits appearance by pairing it with high-waisted skirts or pants. This combination helps elongate your silhouette and accentuate your waistline, creating a flattering and trendy look. Consider matching a bodysuit with a pencil skirt for a sleek and professional outfit, or opt for wide-leg pants for a more laid-back, fashion-forward ensemble.

To add a touch of glamour to your bodysuit, accessorize with statement necklaces, belts, or scarves. These accessories can elevate your look and draw attention to the neckline or waistline. For a more casual and effortless style, combine your bodysuit with sneakers or ankle boots, creating a trendy and comfortable outfit for everyday wear. Alternatively, pair it with heels for a more polished and sophisticated appearance, perfect for a night out or special occasion.

Dont be afraid to mix and match different textures, patterns, and colors to create unique and personalized looks.

Creating Different Looks With Different Types of Bodysuits (e.g. Lace, Velvet, Ribbed)

  • Lace bodysuits
  • Velvet bodysuits
  • Ribbed bodysuits

Source: How to Style a Bodysuit Like an Off-Duty Model


It allows individuals to express their unique style, enhance their personality, and make a fashion statement. Whether it's adding intricate patterns, bold colors, or delicate embellishments, the possibilities are endless. This process not only enhances the visual appeal of the bodysuit but also adds depth and character to the overall design. It’s a way to showcase individuality and create a piece that truly stands out. So, whether you're looking to transform a plain bodysuit or wanting to design your own from scratch, don't be afraid to experiment, explore, and let your imagination run wild to add those special details that bring your garment to life.