Does Kohl’s Carry Boy Cut Underwear?

Kohl's, the renowned American department store, is well-known for it’s extensive collection of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. As shoppers navigate through the vast aisles and online platforms of this retail giant, they may wonder about a specific item – boy cut underwear. This comfortable and trendy style of underwear, popular among fashion-conscious individuals, is often sought after by those who desire a blend of style and functionality. However, the availability of boy cut underwear at Kohl's may become a pressing inquiry for eager customers.

Do Boy Shorts Show Underwear Lines?

Boy shorts are designed to provide full coverage and a sleek silhouette. Unlike traditional panties or thongs, boy shorts have a longer leg that extends down past the buttocks, offering a more modest and comfortable fit. Due to their unique design, boy shorts typically don’t show underwear lines, making them an excellent option when wearing tight-fitting clothing.

The longer leg of boy shorts is crucial in preventing visible panty lines (VPLs). VPLs occur when the outline of your underwear is visible through your clothing, creating an unflattering look.

Their extended leg coverage helps to smooth and shape your curves, creating a more streamlined silhouette. This makes them a popular choice for those who prefer a more modest and supportive type of underwear.

Benefits of Wearing Boy Shorts for Different Body Types

Boy shorts provide benefits for different body types due to their specific design features. For those with a pear-shaped body, boy shorts can help balance out wider hips by accentuating the waist and giving the illusion of a more proportionate figure. For those with an athletic or rectangular body shape, boy shorts can create curves and add volume to the hips, providing a more feminine silhouette. For those with an hourglass figure, boy shorts can highlight and enhance their natural curves, creating a flattering and sexy appearance. Ultimately, boy shorts offer various benefits depending on body type, helping individuals feel comfortable, confident, and accentuating their unique features.

As fashion trends progressed, these traditionally masculine boxer shorts were reimagined into a more feminine variation known as boy shorts. This popular style of underwear has become a staple in many women’s lingerie collections, known for it’s comfortable yet stylish design. Despite it’s name, boy shorts have evolved to encompass a wide range of feminine qualities, making them a versatile and attractive choice for women of all tastes.

What Are Boy Shorts Called?

Boy shorts, a popular style of underwear, derived it’s name from it’s inspiration, the boxer short typically worn by men. However, as societal norms morphed, so did the design of these undergarments for women. Interestingly, the female version of the boy shorts gradually embraced a more traditionally feminine aesthetic as the style evolved. This evolution resulted in a fusion of the comfort and coverage of boxers with an added touch of femininity, creating a unique and fashionable underwear option for women.

One of the key characteristics that set boy shorts apart is their ability to combine comfort with a hint of sensuality. The addition of feminine touches, such as lace trim or delicate patterns, adds an alluring touch that complements the overall design.

Their seamless construction makes them ideal for wearing under tight-fitting or body-hugging outfits, ensuring a smooth silhouette without visible panty lines. Additionally, their versatility allows them to be worn casually with a t-shirt or dressed up with a lacy bralette for a more seductive appeal.

This styles ability to offer both freedom of movement and sensual appeal, along with it’s versatility in pairing with different clothing styles, has solidified it’s reputation as a fashionable and reliable choice for women in all walks of life.

The History and Evolution of Boy Shorts

Boy shorts, also known as boyshorts or boy-leg briefs, have a rich history and have evolved significantly over the years. These underwear bottoms were initially designed for male athletes in the early 20th century, providing them with a comfortable and supportive undergarment for physical activities.

However, boy shorts gained popularity among women in the 1950s as women started participating more actively in sports and desired more freedom of movement. This led to the development of boy shorts specifically tailored for the female body, offering a snug fit and ample coverage.

Throughout the decades, boy shorts underwent various transformations in terms of design, fabric, and functionality. They became fashionable lingerie and swimwear options for women, offering a balance between comfort, coverage, and style. Boy shorts are characterized by their longer leg length, sitting mid-thigh or below the hip, providing extra coverage compared to traditional panties.

Today, boy shorts are available in various materials, such as cotton, lace, satin, and microfiber, catering to different preferences and occasions. They come in a range of colors, prints, and patterns, allowing women to express their personal style while enjoying the benefits of this versatile underwear option.

Although boy shorts originated from men’s athletic wear, they’ve evolved significantly to become a staple in women’s lingerie and swimwear collections.


While the store offers a wide range of underwear options, including various styles and designs, it’s uncertain whether boy cut underwear specifically is among their offerings.