Do You Have to Wear Underwear With APFU Uniforms?

The question of whether or not one must wear underwear with the Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU) has been a topic of debate among military personnel. The APFU, consisting of a black t-shirt and black shorts, is a standard attire for physical training activities in the United States Army. While there are no specific regulations that explicitly state whether underwear is required, personal hygiene and comfort are important factors to consider. Both supporters and opponents of wearing underwear with the APFU present valid arguments, highlighting the need for individuals to make an informed decision based on their own preferences and the guidelines set forth by their respective units.

Can You Wear APFU With Civilian Clothes?

The Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU) serves as the designated attire for physical training activities within the military organization. However, soldiers have been granted the authorization to wear the APFU both on and off duty whilst on the installation. This uniform, consisting of various components, allows for a mixture of issued and optional items to personalize ones appearance.

Although the APFU is versatile in it’s wearability, it’s crucial to note that soldiers are strictly prohibited from combining APFU components with civilian clothing. The rationale behind this restriction emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean and professional appearance when representing the military both on and off duty.

By adhering to these guidelines, soldiers exhibit their commitment to the uniformity of the military profession while ensuring the distinction between their military identity and their civilian personas. This differentiation is vital in establishing a clear boundary between the two domains, signifying the soldiers dedication and commitment to the organization.

By strictly adhering to the prescribed dress code, soldiers demonstrate their respect for the regulations set forth by their superior officers and contribute to the overall cohesion and professionalism within the ranks.

By doing so, soldiers embody the values of discipline, professionalism, and loyalty that are integral to the military organization.

While lined shorts are designed to provide the necessary support and reduce chafing, there’s no strict rule that forbids wearing underwear underneath. Some individuals might still prefer to wear their underwear for personal comfort or hygiene reasons. Ultimately, the choice between wearing underwear with lined shorts or going commando comes down to personal preference.

Are You Supposed to Wear Underwear With Lined Shorts?

Are you supposed to wear underwear with lined shorts? Well, the answer isnt straightforward. Lined shorts, particularly those designed for active wear, are typically meant to be worn without underwear. The built-in lining provides the necessary support and coverage, eliminating the need for an extra layer. This lining is often made from moisture-wicking fabric, which helps reduce chafing and improves breathability, allowing you to feel cooler and more comfortable during physical activities.

If you feel more comfortable wearing underwear underneath, theres no problem with doing so. Keep in mind that this may add an extra layer, which could potentially impact the breathability and moisture-wicking properties of the lined shorts.

It’s also worth considering the specific activity youll be engaging in. For high-intensity workouts or running, it might be more beneficial to go without underwear to optimize airflow and reduce friction. Ultimately, the choice is yours and should be based on what feels best for you.

Avoid underwear with thick seams or rough textures that may cause discomfort or irritation. Additionally, make sure the underwear fits well and provides adequate support without being too restrictive.

The Army Physical Fitness T-shirt, commonly referred to as the AF PT shirt, offers a unique exception to the typical regulations governing uniform wear. Unlike most uniform items, this specific shirt can be worn with civilian clothes off the installation, unless otherwise restricted by the installation commander. This flexibility allows Army personnel to comfortably showcase their dedication to physical fitness even when they’re not in uniform.

Can You Wear AF PT Shirt Civilian Clothes?

Certainly! The Army Physical Fitness T-shirt, most commonly known as the AF PT shirt, holds the unique privilege of being one of the select few uniform items that can be worn with civilian clothes outside of military installations. This means that individuals can confidently sport their AF PT shirt as part of their casual attire, unless specifically restricted by the installation commander.

The versatility of this shirt allows military personnel to seamlessly transition from work to leisure without the need for a complete change of clothes. It’s lightweight and breathable fabric make it suitable for various activities, ensuring comfort during physical exertion.

In addition to it’s practicality, wearing the AF PT shirt with civilian clothes also carries a sense of pride and camaraderie. It serves as a subtle way for military personnel to display their dedication and commitment to physical fitness, even in a civilian environment. This sense of identity and belonging is important to many service members and promotes a positive image of the armed forces to the general public.

It’s practicality, comfort, and representation of military pride make it a favored choice for individuals looking to combine style and functionality in their everyday attire.

The History and Evolution of the AF PT Shirt: Explore the Origins of the AF PT Shirt and How It Has Changed Over Time.

The Air Force PT shirt has a rich history that’s seen a noticeable evolution. From it’s humble beginnings to it’s current state, the AF PT shirt has undergone several transformations.

Many people wonder if it’s necessary to wear underwear under training shorts, particularly tights made from spandex fabric. The truth is, wearing additional material underneath can be uncomfortable and cause bunching. Therefore, it’s not essential to wear underwear while donning training shorts. In fact, doing so, especially with boxers or cotton underwear that absorb moisture, can lead to discomfort.

Do You Wear Underwear Under Training Shorts?

When it comes to wearing underwear under training shorts, opinions and personal preferences may vary. However, it’s commonly advised that wearing underwear underneath spandex or tight-fitting shorts may not be necessary. This is mainly due to the nature of the spandex fabric, which fits tightly against the skin and doesn’t leave much room for additional layers.

The spandex material of the shorts tends to cling to the body, and any extra material underneath can bunch up, causing irritation and unease during physical activity. This can be particularly bothersome if boxers or thick cotton underwear, which absorb moisture, are worn underneath.

It’s worth noting that there are specific types of training shorts that come with built-in underwear. These shorts are designed to eliminate the need for wearing additional undergarments. The built-in underwear is often made of moisture-wicking and breathable materials, which provide comfort and support during workouts.

Source: Should You Wear Underwear with Running Shorts with a Liner?

Additionally, wearing underwear with Nike Dri-FIT shorts may cause discomfort or restrict the benefits of the moisture-wicking technology. Therefore, it’s generally recommended to go without underwear when wearing these shorts for optimal performance and comfort.

Are You Supposed to Wear Nike Dri Fit Shorts With Underwear?

When it comes to wearing Nike Dri-Fit shorts, the question of whether to wear underwear can be a topic of debate. Some argue that wearing underwear with these shorts can be uncomfortable and can impede the effectiveness of the Dri-Fit technology. On the other hand, others believe that wearing underwear provides an extra layer of protection and comfort. Ultimately, the decision is a personal one.

This can provide an additional layer of comfort and protection, especially for those who may be participating in high-impact activities.

It depends on your comfort preferences, activity level, and how the shorts fit on your body. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your athletic wear, whether you choose to wear underwear or go without.

During their off-duty hours, soldiers may have the opportunity to wear Army PT pants if they’re dressed in civilian clothing with the commander’s approval. This means that PTG items can be worn even to work or during personal time when paired with appropriate attire.

When Can You Wear Army PT Pants?

The guidelines for wearing Army PT pants vary depending on the specific circumstances and commanders discretion. In general, soldiers are permitted to wear the physical fitness uniform (PTU) when they’re engaged in physical training activities, such as organized PT sessions or fitness tests. During these designated activities, soldiers are expected to don the complete PT ensemble, which includes PT pants.

For instance, commanders have the authority to allow soldiers to wear the PT uniform while wearing civilian clothing during off-duty hours on the installation. This can occur when soldiers are engaged in recreational activities or participating in various events where PT attire is deemed appropriate.

The Specific Design and Features of Army PT Pants, Including Their Material, Color, and Fit.

  • The material of Army PT pants is usually a blend of polyester and cotton.
  • These pants are available in various colors, such as black, gray, and army green.
  • The fit of Army PT pants is typically relaxed, allowing for comfortable movement during physical training.
  • They often feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring for adjustable sizing.
  • Army PT pants are designed to be durable and withstand demanding physical activities.
  • Some variations may have additional features, like zippered pockets or reinforced knees.


While there are regulations in place for the military uniform, it doesn’t explicitly require the wearing of underwear. Instead, it’s left up to each individual to determine what’s most suitable for them. Therefore, soldiers should consider their own comfort, hygiene, and any potential regulations or guidelines specific to their branch or unit. It’s essential to prioritize personal well-being while adhering to the values and standards of the military.