Did Jeri Ryan Have to Wear a Corset for Voyager?

Jeri Ryan, known for her role as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, embarked on a journey that would push her physical limits and test her resilience as an actress. Taking on a character that required her to don tight corsets that restricted her breathing to the point of needing an oxygen tank, Ryan faced a unique challenge that added an extra layer of difficulty to her already demanding role. However, the obstacles didn’t end there. In the midst of her corset-wearing struggles, she found herself having to navigate a complex dynamic with a fellow cast member whose resentment seemed to be directed towards her. These trials and tribulations served as a true test of Ryan's dedication and determination, highlighting her ability to rise above adversity and deliver a remarkable performance in one of the most iconic sci-fi series of all time.

Did Deanna Troi Wear a Wig on Star Trek?

Marina Sirtis, the talented actress known for her portrayal of the empathetic counselor, Deanna Troi, in Star Trek, has recently shared an interesting tidbit regarding her iconic characters appearance. In a surprising revelation, Sirtis has disclosed that she’ll be donning the exact same wig and contact lenses she wore during her final Star Trek film, Nemesis, in the upcoming series Star Trek Picard. This intriguing detail highlights the attention to detail that the production team has given to maintaining continuity in the Star Trek universe.

Fans of the television series and films will recall the distinctive look that Deanna Troi sported throughout her time aboard the USS Enterprise. Known for her luxuriant dark tresses and striking blue eyes, Trois appearance became synonymous with the characters empathetic nature.

The decision to maintain continuity in Trois appearance could offer fans a sense of familiarity and nostalgia as they embark on new adventures with their beloved characters. The consistency in visual elements, such as the wig and contacts, demonstrates the respect the production team holds for the Star Trek lore and the importance of honoring the character of Deanna Troi.

It’s worth noting that Sirtis use of a wig and contact lenses lends authenticity to her portrayal of Troi, as it allows her to seamlessly transform into the character viewers have grown to love. The meticulous attention to detail exhibited by both Sirtis and the production team showcases their commitment to delivering a faithful and captivating performance that will resonate with fans old and new.

The unveiling of this information surrounding Marina Sirtis and her use of the same wig and contact lenses from Star Trek Nemesis in Star Trek Picard has generated buzz among both the Star Trek community and general audiences alike. As the eagerly anticipated series continues to captivate viewers, it’s clear that even the smallest details, such as these visual elements, play a significant role in the immersive experience and overall enjoyment of the show.

This adherence to continuity not only showcases Sirtis dedication to her craft but also demonstrates the production teams attention to detail and respect for the beloved Star Trek franchise.


Jeri Ryan's journey on Voyager was not a smooth one, as she faced the challenge of donning restrictive corsets that made breathing a struggle. This physical constraint, coupled with the added pressure of a leading lady projecting resentment towards her, created an even more demanding environment. However, despite these obstacles, Ryan persevered and delivered a remarkable performance that showcased her talent and resilience. Her dedication and ability to navigate difficult circumstances demonstrate her strength and commitment to her craft.