Can You Sell Underwear on Mercari?

Mercari, the popular online marketplace, offers a wide array of opportunities for individuals looking to sell their pre-loved or unused items. From clothing and accessories to electronics and home decor, Mercari caters to a diverse range of sellers and buyers. While many may wonder about the limitations and restrictions on what can be sold on this platform, it's worth noting that nearly any item can find it’s place on Mercari's virtual shelves. However, certain criteria must be met to ensure a seamless transaction. Specifically, the item in question must be eligible for shipping and mustn’t fall under the category of prohibited items outlined by Mercari. With these considerations in mind, sellers can confidently explore the potential of selling their products, even—yes, you read it right—even underwear!

Is Mercari Just for Clothes?

Mercari is a versatile and dynamic retailing site that goes far beyond just offering a platform to sell clothes. While it indeed caters to clothing enthusiasts, it’s scope extends to a wide array of categories, ensuring that users can sell and purchase a diverse range of items. From sporting goods to toys, beauty supplies to handmade items, and everything that can be shipped, Mercari welcomes sellers and buyers of all interests.

The platforms inclusivity plays a significant role in it’s popularity and success. It provides a space for not only fashion-forward individuals but also for those passionate about sports, hobbies, beauty, and crafts to connect and engage with an eager audience. Whether it’s a gently used treadmill or a collectible action figure, Mercari embraces the diversity of sellers and their unique offerings.

It’s inclusiveness, ease of use, and expansive user base create a thriving online community where sellers can connect with buyers and an extensive array of items can find new homes — all while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Mercari, the popular online marketplace, offers a versatile platform for selling various goods. Whether you’ve handcrafted creations, brand-new items, or gently used products, Mercari allows you to showcase and sell them to potential buyers. With the ability to upload multiple pictures, create concise titles, and provide detailed descriptions, this platform provides ample space for sellers to highlight the unique qualities of their handmade items and reach a wide audience of interested customers.

Can You Sell Handmade Items on Mercari?

Yes, you can absolutely sell handmade items on Mercari! Whether you’ve lovingly crafted a unique piece of jewelry, stitched a beautiful garment, or designed a one-of-a-kind home decor item, Mercari is a great platform to showcase and sell your handmade creations.

When listing your handmade item, you’ve the option to provide up to 12 pictures, allowing potential buyers to get a visual understanding of the quality and uniqueness of your creation. These pictures can be accompanied by concise 40-character titles, which should be carefully crafted to grab attention and accurately represent your item. Furthermore, you can utilize over 1000 characters to thoughtfully describe your handmade creation, giving potential buyers all the details they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Mercaris platform not only supports selling new and used items but actively encourages the sale of handmade goods. This allows individuals with creative talents to market their products to a wide range of potential customers.

By utilizing the platforms extensive character count and picture options, you can effectively convey the essence and craftsmanship of your handmade item to potential buyers. In addition, Mercaris active user base ensures a steady flow of interested buyers who’re searching for unique, one-of-a-kind creations. So, unleash your creativity, snap some appealing pictures, craft compelling descriptions, and get ready to monetize your handmade talents on Mercari!

How to Package and Ship Handmade Items Sold on Mercari

  • Prepare your item for shipping.
  • Use bubble wrap or other protective materials to wrap delicate items.
  • Place the item in a sturdy box that’s the appropriate size.
  • Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper.
  • Seal the box with packaging tape securely.
  • Print the shipping label provided by Mercari.
  • Attach the label to the box using clear shipping tape.
  • Take the package to a post office or drop-off location specified by Mercari.
  • Track the shipment using the tracking number.
  • Communicate with the buyer if any issues arise during the shipping process.

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While Mercari is indeed a reputable online marketplace for buying and selling various items, it’s crucial to exercise caution while making transactions. Although the platform endeavors to minimize fraudulent activities, as seen on any online marketplace, it’s still imperative to remain vigilant to avoid potential scams.

Can You Buy Stuff From Mercari?

Yes, you can buy various items from Mercari. It’s a legitimate online marketplace that offers a wide range of products for sale. From clothing and accessories to electronics and home goods, Mercari provides a platform for individuals to buy and sell their items.

The process of purchasing on Mercari is fairly straightforward. First, you need to create an account and provide your personal information. Once you’ve an account, you can browse through the available listings and find the items you’re interested in purchasing. You can use the search bar or browse through different categories to find what you need.

Before making a purchase, it’s important to carefully review the listing and the sellers information. Make sure to read the item description, look at the provided photos, and check the sellers rating and feedback from previous buyers. This will give you a better understanding of the condition of the item and the reliability of the seller.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, you can proceed to the checkout process. Mercari offers various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and PayPal. The platform provides buyer protection by holding the payment until you receive the item and confirm it’s condition. This helps to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase before the seller receives the payment.

While Mercari tries to protect users from fraudulent activities, it’s crucial to be cautious and use common sense when purchasing items online. Be aware of potential red flags, such as unusually low prices, sellers with no or poor ratings, or suspicious communication. If you’ve any concerns, you can contact Mercaris customer support for assistance.

How Does Mercari Protect Buyers From Scams and Fraudulent Sellers?

  • Mercari verifies the identity of all sellers before they can start selling on the platform.
  • Buyers are protected by Mercari’s secure payment system, which holds funds until the buyer receives the item and confirms it’s condition.
  • If a buyer receives a counterfeit item or an item that significantly deviates from the description, they can request a refund through Mercari’s buyer protection program.
  • Mercari offers a rating and review system, allowing buyers to share their experiences and warn others about potential scams or fraudulent sellers.
  • The platform also has a dedicated customer support team that can assist buyers in case of any issues, helping to resolve disputes or provide guidance.
  • Mercari actively monitors listings and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and remove suspicious or fraudulent sellers.

Source: Is Mercari Legit? How to Tell if a Mercari Seller Is Genuine

When selling on Mercari, it’s important to evaluate the suitability of your items and their condition. While new or like-new items (with or without tags) tend to generate higher profits, don’t discount the potential of lightly used or even damaged items, especially if they possess rarity value or have a vintage appeal.

Can You Sell New Items on Mercari?

When it comes to selling on Mercari, it’s important to determine whether your items are suitable for the platform. One key factor is to make an honest assessment of their condition. While new items (with or without tags) and like-new items are likely to garner the most attention and fetch higher prices, that doesn’t mean lightly used or even damaged items won’t sell. In fact, especially if they’re rare or vintage, these items can still attract buyers.

Familiarize yourself with the specific categories and restrictions within those categories. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time listing items that are prohibited or may not generate much interest.

When considering the condition of your items, be transparent. If an item is brand new, indicate that clearly in your listing and include any original packaging or tags. If an item is lightly used, be forthcoming about any signs of wear or flaws. Honesty goes a long way in building trust with potential buyers, and it can even help you negotiate a fair price.

Dont underestimate the potential value of rare or vintage items. These can often find a niche market on Mercari, and their uniqueness can attract collectors and enthusiasts. However, be sure to accurately describe their condition and provide detailed photos to showcase their appeal. Buyers may be more forgiving of minor wear or damage if the item is considered rare or highly sought-after.

Putting effort into creating engaging listings, responding promptly to inquiries, and packaging items securely will enhance your selling experience and increase the likelihood of making profitable sales on the platform.

Tips for Pricing New and Like-New Items on Mercari

  • Research similar items sold on Mercari
  • Consider the condition and age of the item
  • Take into account the brand and popularity
  • Evaluate the current market demand for the item
  • Factor in any additional costs, such as shipping or fees
  • Set a competitive yet reasonable price
  • Be open to negotiation by keeping the price slightly higher
  • Regularly monitor the item’s performance and adjust the price if necessary
  • Offer discounts or bundle deals to attract potential buyers
  • Provide clear and detailed descriptions along with high-quality photos


Overall, Mercari is a versatile platform that offers individuals the opportunity to sell a wide range of items, including underwear. As long as the underwear can be shipped and isn’t on Mercari's prohibited item list, sellers can successfully list and sell it on the platform. Whether it's new or used, designer or regular, underwear falls into the category of items that can be sold on Mercari.