Bodycon Dress Too Short – Buy a Longer Dress

What changes can I make to my bodycon dress to make it more flattering?

Bodycon dresses are great way to show off your curves and flatter your figure. However, it can be difficult to know how to wear them in way that’s both stylish and flattering.

Make shapewear your best friend. Shapewear is great way to smooth out any lumps and bumps and give you sleek silhouette. It can also help to give you more defined waist and accentuate your curves. Layering is key. Layering your bodycon dress with blazer or cardigan can help to give you more polished look and also help to hide any areas you may not want to show off. Avoid flats. Heels are great way to elongate your legs and give you more flattering look. Opt for thicker fabrics. Thicker fabrics such as scuba or neoprene can help to give you more structured look and help to hide any problem areas. Pick darker colours. Darker colours such as black or navy can help to slim you down and give you more flattering look. Cinch waist. Adding belt or sash to your bodycon dress can help to give you more defined waist and accentuate your curves. Accentuate your best features. If you’ve great legs, opt for shorter dress or dress with high slit. If you’ve great bust, opt for dress with plunging neckline.

Should I wear bodycon dress with shapewear?

Shapewear is essential part of any wardrobe, especially when it comes to wearing bodycon dress. Shapewear provides perfect balance and shape to your body and makes it look appealing. It also helps to smooth out any bumps or lumps that may be visible through bodycon dress. Shapewear also helps to provide extra support and can help to prevent dress from riding up or bunching up.

It also helps to keep dress in place and prevents it from riding up or bunching up.

What’s best way to style bodycon dress if you’ve large stomach?

When it comes to finding perfect bodycon dress, there are few things to consider. First, you want to make sure that dress fits you properly. If it’s too tight, it will be uncomfortable and unflattering. On other hand, if it’s too loose, it won’t give you desired look. To ensure that dress fits you properly, you should try it on before purchasing it.

Finally, you want to make sure that dress is flattering to your body type. If you’ve larger bust, you may want to choose dress with higher neckline or dress with belt to help cinch in your waist. Additionally, you may want to choose dress with longer length to help cover up any problem areas.

What type of undergarment do you wear with bodycon dress?

Seamless panties and thongs are must-have for any wardrobe. They’re designed to provide smooth, comfortable fit that eliminates dreaded panty lines. Seamless panties are made from variety of fabrics, including cotton, spandex, and nylon, and come in variety of styles, including hipsters, briefs, and boyshorts.

Thongs are great option for those who want to avoid panty lines, but still want to feel sexy. Thongs come in variety of styles, including G-strings, C-strings, and thong panties. Thongs are designed to provide minimal coverage, while still providing comfortable fit. Thongs are perfect for wearing under bodycon dresses, as they provide smooth, seamless look.

What type of undergarment can you wear with dress that’s too short?

This will also add some extra length and coverage. You can also add ruffle or lace trim to bottom of dress. This will add some extra length and texture to dress. Finally, you can add belt or sash to dress. This will draw eye away from length of dress and create more flattering silhouette.

No matter what occasion, having dress that’s too short can be real fashion faux pas. Fortunately, there are few simple solutions to help you lengthen your dress and make it more appropriate for occasion. Wearing slip underneath dress is great way to add some extra length and coverage. Leggings or tights can also be worn underneath dress to add some extra length and coverage.

What’s best way to shorten dress length?

Folding dress in half length-wise and securing it with pins is first step in altering dress. This will help you to accurately measure and cut fabric to desired length. When folding dress, make sure to line up seams and edges of fabric so that dress is even and symmetrical. Once dress is folded, you can decide how much fabric you’d like to remove. It’s important to leave at least 3 cm (1.2 in) for hem, as this will ensure that dress isn’t too short.

Make sure to use sharp scissors and to cut in straight line. After fabric has been cut, you can begin to sew hem. Use simple straight stitch to secure fabric in place. Make sure to sew hem with consistent stitch length and tension. This will ensure that hem is even and secure. Once hem is finished, you can try on dress and make any necessary adjustments. With few simple steps, you can easily alter dress to fit your desired length.

What type of undergarments do celebrities wear with short dresses?

The use of spanx or other body-shaping undergarments has become increasingly popular among celebrities. These undergarments are designed to provide smooth, slimming silhouette and can be worn under any type of clothing.

What’s best way to wear short dress without showing too much skin?

When wearing skirt, it’s important to be mindful of how you’re sitting to avoid exposing yourself. One way to do this is to press your legs and especially your knees together whenever you’re sitting. This will help to keep your skirt in place and prevent it from riding up and exposing more than you’d like. Additionally, you can try crossing your legs or tucking one ankle behind other to help keep your legs closed comfortably when sitting in chair.

Pressing your legs and especially your knees together, crossing your legs, tucking one ankle behind other, wearing skirt with higher waistline, wearing skirt with thicker material, wearing slip underneath, wearing tights or leggings underneath, and keeping your legs closed when wearing skirt with slit can all help to keep your legs covered and prevent them from riding up.


The bodycon dress is popular fashion choice for many women, but it can be difficult to find right length. Too short of dress can be uncomfortable and unflattering, and can make woman feel exposed and vulnerable. It’s important to find dress that fits properly and is right length for your body type. If you’re unsure of length, it’s best to try on dress before purchasing it.