Are Aerie and Victoria’s Secret Sizes the Same?

Aerie, a popular lingerie store, emerges as the triumphant contender when comparing it to it’s competitor, Victoria's Secret. The clear distinction between the two arises when it comes to sizing options. Although Victoria's Secret does offer some sizes that are similar to those found at Aerie, the unfortunate reality is that their garments tend to run smaller than indicated on the tag, leaving customers dissatisfied and skeptical of the accuracy of their sizing system.

Is Victoria Secret Cheaper Than Aerie?

When it comes to comparing the prices at Victorias Secret and Aerie, it’s safe to say that both stores offer similar pricing for their lingerie. However, during my recent visit, I noticed that Aerie had better sales and discounts available, which made their prices slightly more wallet-friendly.

Each store has it’s own unique selling points, appealing to different individuals based on their preferences and needs. It’s always worth exploring both stores to find the perfect lingerie that suits your style, budget, and body shape.

Quality and Durability of Lingerie at Victoria’s Secret and Aerie.

The quality and durability of lingerie at Victoria’s Secret and Aerie can vary depending on individual products. Customer reviews suggest that both brands offer a range of options, with some items being high-quality and long-lasting, while others may not meet the same standards. It’s important for customers to carefully read reviews and consider factors such as material, construction, and care instructions before making a purchase.

Victoria’s Secret is known worldwide for it’s captivating lingerie designs and iconic angel wings. The brand’s annual runway show, featuring stunning models adorned in show-stopping creations, has become a highly anticipated event. Amidst this fame and recognition, the question arises: Is Victoria’s Secret truly a top brand? Let’s explore further.

Is Victoria Secret a Top Brand?

Victorias Secret has been a top brand for many years. With it’s successful marketing campaigns and iconic fashion shows, it’s managed to capture the attention of millions of people around the globe. The brand has become known for it’s glamorous and seductive lingerie, making it a go-to choice for women looking to feel confident and empowered.

The brand has a vast number of retail stores in various countries, making it easily accessible to a large customer base. Additionally, it’s online platform has further expanded it’s market reach, ensuring that customers can shop for their favorite lingerie from anywhere in the world.

With it’s captivating marketing strategies, constant innovation, extensive reach, widespread collaborations, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the brand has become synonymous with luxury, beauty, and confidence.

Brand Controversies: Explore Any Controversies or Scandals Surrounding Victoria’s Secret and Their Impact on the Brand’s Image and Reputation.

  • 2018: Lack of diversity in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show sparked criticism
  • 2019: Ed Razek’s controversial comments about including transgender and plus-size models
  • 2019: Allegations of a toxic work culture, including harassment and misconduct
  • 2020: Cancellation of the annual fashion show due to declining viewership and criticism
  • 2020: Resurfaced allegations of cultural appropriation in past Victoria’s Secret runway shows
  • 2021: Victoria’s Secret rebrands and shifts focus away from the “Angel” image, as a response to criticism
  • 2022: Ongoing discussions about the lack of inclusivity and representation in their marketing and promotions

Aerie, stylized as aerie, is a well-known intimate apparel and lifestyle retailer, but it’s important to note that it isn’t directly associated with Victoria’s Secret. Owned by American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie has it’s own distinct identity and is celebrated for promoting body positivity and inclusivity among it’s customers.

Is Aerie Part of Victoria Secret?

Aerie isn’t part of Victorias Secret. Although they both specialize in lingerie and intimate apparel, Aerie is a separate brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters.

Aerie has been praised for it’s efforts to promote self-acceptance and redefine beauty standards. In 2014, the brand launched the #AerieREAL campaign, which banned retouching of models in all of it’s advertisements. This move was seen as a significant departure from the heavily photoshopped images that were commonly seen in the fashion industry. Aeries commitment to showcasing real bodies has resonated with many customers and has helped to establish the brand as a leader in the body positivity movement.

The brand aims to create comfortable and affordable pieces that cater to a range of sizes and body types. Aerie also offers a wide variety of bra styles, including bralettes and wireless options, which have become increasingly popular among young consumers seeking comfort and versatility.

A Comparison of Aerie and Victoria’s Secret’s Marketing Strategies

Aerie and Victoria’s Secret are two popular lingerie brands that have different marketing strategies. Aerie focuses on body positivity and inclusivity, using models of different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in their advertising. They promote natural beauty and don’t heavily retouch their images. On the other hand, Victoria’s Secret has traditionally relied on a narrow definition of beauty, featuring thin and traditionally attractive models. Their marketing often involves elaborate fashion shows and a sexy, glamorous image. These brands’ marketing strategies differ in terms of diversity and representation in the media.


In terms of inclusivity and body positivity, Aerie emerged as the superior choice. Their commitment to showcasing diverse models and promoting self-acceptance sets them apart from Victoria's Secret, which has faced criticism for it’s lack of size representation.